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"We are all of Erdas, united."

Heart of the Land, Chapter 15: Glue, Abeke

Abeke is a 13 to 14-year-old girl from Okaihee, Nilo. She is the summoner of Uraza the Leopard, and one of the four main protagonists of the series, along with Conor, Meilin, and Rollan.


Abeke has dark brown skin and brown eyes. On cover art, she is shown to wear her braided hair in a ponytail, and wears a green cloak. Uraza's tattoo is just below one of her elbows. In Wild Born, she was mentioned to be tall for her age.[1]

In Immortal Guardians, despite being mentioned to be tall, she is described to stand shoulder to shoulder with Meilin. She is also described as more muscular than before, and using a heavier short bow made with smooth Niloan wood. She has skinnier braids than before, with wooden beads on the ends.

In the game, Lenori describes Abeke as having a lonely, faraway look in her eyes.


Growing up, Abeke had always been surpassed by her sister, Soama in craftsmanship and beauty. Their father, Pojalo, greatly preferred Soama over Abeke, although Abeke was considered one of the most adept hunters in her village. On the day of Abeke's Nectar Ceremony, she summons Uraza the Leopard, and almost immediately is approached by Zerif and recruited to the Conquerors. During her stay with the Conquerors, she befriends a boy named Shane, but soon realizes that she is on the wrong side of the war, and joins the Greencloaks. Though not trusted by the other Four Fallen summoners at first, she later proves to play an essential part in the Greencloaks' cause. She becomes close friends with Conor, and later, the other two Heroes of Erdas as well.

Abeke is emotional and empathetic to those around her, as she stands firm about Shane being a good person despite his affiliation, and abandons her race with Ngaio to rescue a baby orangutan. However, she can be a merciless foe as well and will completely devote herself to a cause. She is also frequently described as sneaky and cat-like due to her bond with Uraza, and is an exceptional archer. She is fond of riddles and takes the supernatural very seriously. She may have romantic feelings for Conor. These possible feelings are portrayed when she kisses Conor’s forehead, relieving him of his Wyrm dreams.

In the Books[]

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Wild Born[]

Abeke was born in the Niloan village of Okaihee, and lives with her older sister, Soama, and her father, Pojalo. Due to being overlooked in favor of her sister, Abeke often ventures out of Okaihee to hunt, and becomes one of the most skilled hunters among her people, despite being very young. At her Nectar Ceremony, Abeke summons and bonds to the legendary Great Beast Uraza, to the shock of everyone. Because a sudden downpour of rain followed the appearance of Uraza, the people of Okaihee believe Abeke to be their Rain Dancer, who would save them from drought. However, a man named Zerif introduces himself to Abeke and her family, convincing them that Uraza is needed for a far bigger purpose. Reluctantly, Pojalo lets his daughter leave the village with Zerif.

Abeke and Zerif set sail for a island in Amaya. On the way, Abeke is introduced to a young man named Shane, who mentors her. On the island, Abeke is told the story of The Devourer, who hails from the lost continent of Stetriol. Upon hearing that The Devourer (and his associates) are seeking the powerful talismans associated with the Great Beasts, Abeke agrees to help them search. They then travel to the location of the first talisman, the Granite Ram of Arax, but discover that the Greencloaks are also searching for the talisman. The appearance of both groups enrages Arax the Ram, and a battle begins, where Abeke quickly realizes that she is fighting for the wrong side. After Zerif cruelly kills a man named Barlow, Abeke's switch is solidified, and she leaves Arax's domain with the Greencloaks. She later takes the Greencloak vow and receives her cloak.


Despite Abeke switching sides, the other three Heroes - Conor, Meilin, and Rollan - distrust her. Meilin is the most critical of her, while Conor attempts to be friendly.

Fire and Ice[]

Abeke is further isolated from the group when she continues to treat Shane like a friend.

Against the Tide[]

When it is revealed that there is a mole among the group, the team is suspicious of Abeke. However, when the mole is revealed to actually be Meilin (under the control of Gerathon the Serpent), Abeke's teammates apologize to her and her loyalty is henceforth proven.

Rise and Fall[]

When both she and Meilin are captured by the Conquerors, they are able to mend their friendship; simultaneously, Abeke still considers Shane a friend, despite Meilin's skepticism. Shane helps Abeke escape from the Conquerors (whereas Meilin chooses to stay behind), and they travel to Greenhaven. Abeke assures Shane that the Greencloaks would understand their situation and let him stay in Greenhaven. However, unbeknownst to her, this was Shane's plan. He reveals himself as the true Devourer once they reach the Greencloaks' headquarters, proceeding to steal the majority of the collected talismans, and escaping upon the back of Halawir the Eagle. Abeke is devastated by his betrayal, and angry at herself for trusting him.

The Evertree[]

Abeke, Conor, Rollan, and the rest of the Greencloaks then venture to Stetriol, to attempt to thwart the Conquerors' plan to free Kovo the Ape and take over Erdas. After rescuing Meilin, the group engages in battle at Muttering Rock. Abeke duels Shane, fueled by the rage his betrayal made her feel, and manages to defeat him. She is then present at The Evertree when the Great Beasts decide to sacrifice themselves, in order to prevent Kovo from using their talismans.

Afterwards, Abeke is reunited with Soama and Pojalo at Greenhaven.

Immortal Guardians[]

Abeke meets Meilin at Greenhaven and discusses the Evertree’s sickness and the re-summoning of Great Beasts. She sets out with Rollan to Amaya to find a re-summoned Great Beast. They follow a group of yak until Abeke is attacked by a mountain lion and is saved by Anda and his tribe.

Broken Ground[]

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The Return[]

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The Burning Tide[]

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Heart of the Land[]

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The Wildcat’s Claw[]

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The Dragon’s Eye[]

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"I am not one to make threats. So listen well, Oathbound. We are not called the Heroes of Erdas because we spent the Second Devourer War or the struggle against the Wyrm hiding in a bunker. We have fought, and we have lost much, and some of us have suffered in ways you can't even imagine. You will not say bad things about Conor, or about any of the Greencloaks, or you will have me to answer to. Do you understand?"

–Abeke to Brunhild and Princess Song, Heart of the Land


  • The name "Abeke" originates from several African countries and means "we begged for her".
  • Abeke has some knowledge of herbs, as she gives some seeds to Anda as a painkiller in Broken Ground.
  • Rollan considers Abeke the tracker and hunter of the group.
  • Abeke believes in jinxing, using the word Tenavo to describe it. Rollan calls her a superstitious girl for it. However, this trait is only seen in Broken Ground. To undo the jinx, Abeke says the person most do an intenavo dance. It’s unclear whether this dance was legitimate or not.
  • Abeke, like her spirit animal Uraza, gets seasick. She is noted to turn slightly green when she does. However, this is not mentioned in every book, only Broken Ground.
  • The smell of the sea after rain reminds Abeke of a sunrise in Nilo, when the sun burns the dew off the grass.
  • Abeke loves hunting because she likes to roam the open country, and always feels sorrow when she kills an animal on a hunt.
  • As shown on the cover of the books, Abeke is right handed. This is not confirmed in the writing, however.

Google Translated *disclaimer: all of these were put through Google Translate, and are not accurate to real life.[]

  • Abeke’s name pronunciation in Arabic ( ابيك ) means “your father” but only when lowercase. Properly capitalized, it translates to, “ أبيكي ” which translates back to “Obaki.”
  • Abeke’s name pronunciation in Armenian ( անհեթեթություն ), translates back to “nonsense” but only when in lowercase. When properly capitalized, it translates to “ Աբեկե” which translates back to “Abe.”



  1. Wild Born, page 179


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