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Abeke is a 13-year-old girl from Okaihee, Nilo. She is the summoner of Uraza the Leopard, and a main protagonist of the series.


Abeke has dark brown skin and brown eyes. On cover art, she is shown to wear her braided hair in a ponytail, and wears a green cloak. Uraza's tattoo is just below one of her elbows. In Wild Born, she was mentioned to be tall for her age.[1]


Growing up, Abeke was always surpassed by her sister, Soama. Their father, Pojalo, greatly preferred Soama over Abeke, although Abeke was considered one of the most adept hunters in her village. On the day of Abeke's Nectar Ceremony, she summons Uraza the Leopard, and almost immediately after she is approached by Zerif and recruited to the Conquerors. During her stay with the Conquerors, she befriends a young man named Shane, but soon realizes that she is on the wrong side of the war. Though not trusted by the other Four Fallen kids at first, she later proves to play an essential part in the Greencloaks' cause. She becomes very close friends with Conor, and later, the other two Heroes as well.

She is emotional and empathetic to those around her, as she stands firm about Shane being a good person despite his affiliation, and abandons her race with Ngaio to rescue a baby orangutan. However, she can be a merciless foe as well and will completely devote herself to a cause. She is also frequently described as sneaky and cat-like due to her bond with Uraza, and is an exceptional archer. She is fond of riddles and takes the supernatural very seriously.

In the Books

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Wild Born

Abeke is born in Okaihee, Nilo, and lives with her sister Soama and her father Pojalo. She is one of the best hunters in Okaihee and truly cares for her village. When her village was revealed to have been suffering from a drought, Abeke ventured out into the dangerous savannah alone to hunt for food. During her Nectar Ceremony Abeke called Uraza the Leopard and was planned to be Okaihee's Rain Dancer, but she was taken by the Conquerors and trained by them. However during the fight for Arax's Granite Ram, Abeke switched sides and is now among the Greencloaks.


In this book, the other Four Fallen kids are still wary of her due to her having time among the Conquerors. When they are training, they do not help her when all the Greencloaks start attacking her. After that, they meet a new Greencloak: Finn, who will guide them on their quest to find the Iron Boar. When they are on their way, they are attacked by Conquerors. The group is separated and Conor and Rollan go with an injured Tarik while Abeke and Meilin stay with Finn. While finding Conor and Rollan (who were in Trunswick), Meilin slowly learns to trust Abeke. When they reach a Conqueror controlled Trunswick, they break Rollan and Conor out of a cell and escape to Glengavin, where Rumfuss the Boar is being held. While there, Abeke gets captured by Devin and Karmo. When the rest of the gang find her, they end up fighting with the Conquerors and get the Iron Boar Talisman.

Blood Ties

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Fire and Ice

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Against the Tide

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Rise and Fall

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The Evertree

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The Return

The bond between Abeke and Uraza is broken when Uraza jumps in front of Abeke to save her from the parasite. This caused Uraza to get the parasite and to be controlled by Zerif, sending Abeke into a depression.



  • The name "Abeke" originates from several African countries and means "we begged for her".



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