Aidana is Rollan's mother, who is revealed to be a Conqueror. She makes her debut appearance in Fire and Ice, where she meets Rollan for the first time. She was also the one to hint that there is a traitor among the Four Fallen.


Aidana, who was born in Amaya, lived with her mother (who 'lived with a bottle in her hand') and lacked a father. When she turned 11, she never had a Nectar Ceremony- by the time she was fourteen, a raven named Wikerus came to her and they bonded without the Nectar. That was when she started to develop the bonding sickness, trying to overcome it, but to no avail. She had Rollan many years later, and she tried to take care of him the best she could, but sooner or later the sickness was starting to endanger them both. So she gave up Rollan to another family, but, she had run away before she could see what happened- the family never took him in. The sickness had almost killed her when Zerif came to her and gave her the Bile, which cured her. Ever since then, she had devoted herself to the Conquerors in gratitude for them saving her life.

When the Conquerors are defeated in The Evertree, she is no longer loyal to them and is reunited with Rollan in Greenhaven.


Aidana is shown to look at great deal like her son, Rollan. She has straight black hair that ends at her waist, dark eyes, and brown skin.[1]



Aidana is Rollan's mother, as revealed in Fire and Ice. When he was a baby, Aidana was sickened by the bonding sickness and sometimes unintentionally hurt him, not knowing that she did. She reveals that once she almost killed him, thinking in her delirium he was a rat attacking her while she was sleeping. After that she knew Rollan couldn't stay with her; so she set him at the doorstep of a big house in the middle of town (that she had been watching the family of), knocked on the door, and ran. The family did not take Rollan in, but Aidana didn't know that, and Rollan never told her. She explains to him that she was just about dead because of the sickness when Zerif found her and gave her the Bile, curing her. So she joined the Conquerors, and after, went back to the house, just to be met with a different family; the old one had moved out. After their reunion, Rollan leaves her to 'check on his team'. The next day, he makes the decision to leave Samis before Aidana and the rest of the Conquerors could know. At the end of the book, Rollan and Aidana leave in the middle of a battle and by then, Rollan knew something was wrong with his mother. She attacks him, her eyes turning into snake eyes as her mind is taken control by Gerathon. She whispers to Rollan to kill her before he gets away and runs. As the Greencloaks are sailing away, Rollan is heartbroken by the fact that he was forced to lose his mother once again.

They do later meet again in The Evertree, where Aidana is freed from the bonding sickness due to Gerathon's death. She is also introduced to Meilin.


When Aidana was infected with the bonding sickness, Zerif was the one to find her and give her the Bile. Out of gratefulness of him saving her life, Aidana devoted herself to the Conquerors, and was mainly seen at Zerif's side.


  • She, like everyone else who has had The Bile, can be controlled by Gerathon. She is controlled more, because if not, she would probably chose her son over the Conquerors.
  • "Aidana" is a Kazakh name, meaning "moon" or "wise"; it is also derived from a Persion name meaning "wise, educated, learned."
  • Aidana and her son, Rollan, were both bonded to birds. Aidana to Wikerus, and Rollan to Essix.


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