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Alix is a former Conqueror. He was stationed near a temple in Amaya with a troop that planned to invade the village of Clarobo, but he and his troop's spirit animals turned on them, and they were trapped in their fortress until Shane and Anya found them. His spirit animal was revealed to be a ram, but it hadn't come out of it's dormant state since Gerathon died.

In the second series, Alix was revealed to be an ally of Shane's, and possibly his right-hand man. He could be Stead, the Redcloak with a ram mask, but it's not confirmed.


  • Nick Eliopulos stated on twitter on that either Alix or Anya would return in a big way in the second series.
  • Alix was believed to be the summoner of Arax because of his ram tattoo, but Tales of the Fallen Beasts proves this wrong; Arax's summoner is Grif Burnam.
  • He is described as being not much older than Shane.
  • Alix is a Greek name meaning "defender of man".