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Anda is a boy from Amaya who has summoned Tellun the Elk.


Anda is a young boy with dark skin, almost as dark as Abeke's, although he has pink patches on his cheeks. His hair is tied back into a single braid that goes down his back, and his eyes are a striking light orange-brown[1], which are also the same color as Tellun's fur.[2]

In the Books

Immortal Guardians

Anda first appears when Rollan and Abeke meet his tribe. He took care of Abeke because she was injured by a mountain lion, as he is his tribe's healer. Once Abeke realizes that Anda has summoned Tellun the Elk, she bows down in respect . . . although Anda is embarrassed by the act and assures her that Tellun was "silly" most of the time.

Upon learning of Anda's spirit animal, Abeke and Rollan convince Anda's parents that the child needs to be with the Greencloaks, or he and his spirit animal's lives would be in danger. His parents hesitate upon hearing this, but Abeke tells them that she had to leave her home, too, because even though she was needed to be the Rain Dancer (much like Anda as the tribe's healer), she was needed more by the Greencloaks. Finally, Anda's parents agree.

Rollan, Abeke, and Anda are traveling when they are ambushed by Zerif. They fight but are soon overwhelmed by the possessed Great Beasts that Zerif has stolen. Eventually, Tellun is added to Zerif's ever-growing list of stolen Great Beasts, and Zerif uses the power of the Wyrm to turn Tellun against Anda, ordering the elk to kill his boy. Whilst Tellun is charging straight for Anda, however, he is stopped by a mysterious masked figure in a red cloak with superhuman strength. With the appearance of the masked figure, Zerif flees, taking Tellun with him. After Tellun is stolen, Anda becomes depressed, and Abeke knows that they have failed their mission.

Broken Ground

Abeke and Rollan watch Anda as he leaves Greenhaven.

The Burning Tide

Rollan spots Anda among the other Great Beast summoners.


  • "Anda" is a Japanese name meaning "meet at the field."


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