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And since you bring it up... my name isn't really Anka. It's Kana. Kana the Honest.

–Kana, Stormspeaker, page 175

Anka is a young Greencloak who makes her debut appearance in Heart of the Land. Her spirit animal is a chameleon, which allows her (and anyone she touches) to blend in with the surroundings.

In chapter 18 of Stormspeaker, Anka is revealed to be an Oathbound who was working as a spy within the group, using the name Anka as an alias. Her real name is Kana, her ironic Oathbound title being Kana the Honest. She also states that she was the founder of the Oathbound. Because she was not able to join the Zhongese military, Kana decided to create her own organization.


Anka has tan skin and short, dark hair, and brown eyes. Her chameleon tattoo wraps around her wrist like a bracelet.[1]

Anka is Zhongese. However, she camouflages immediately when Toey is in active state.

In the Books

Heart of the Land

Coming Soon

The Wildcat's Claw

Anka continues to accompany the group to find the four gifts of Erdas. She begins taking sparring lessons from Meilin, and they become closer friends.


Anka and the Four Fallen journey to Nilo in order to find the Stormspeaker object. After the Stormspeaker is found, Anka reveals herself to be associated with the Oathbound. She betrays the group and assists in taking them hostage


  • "Anka" is a name derived from "Anna", meaning "favor" or "grace." It is an anagram of Kana, her true name.


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