Anya is a young woman that met Shane in the third Book of Shane. She is the apprentice of a mistress in the town of Clarobo. It was revealed that Yumaris paid her to lead Shane to her temple in Amaya, but Shane found out about the setup. She was also mentioned to be similar to Abeke because she used a bow and arrow, making Shane even angrier about Yumaris's setup.


Anya has short-cut dark hair and sharp cheekbones.[1]



Anya was Shane's guide though the Amayan forest, where they travel to a temple and find a group of Conquerors. Anya was nervous when she found out that Shane was The Devourer, confessing that she'd imagined him to be "cackling like a madman". Later it was discovered that Yumaris paid Anya to lead Shane to her hiding place, which was just below the temple. Anya also wielded a bow and arrow to get closer to Shane, which he mocked her for later, saying he doubted whether she'd ever even picked up a bow, and that he had a 'soft spot for girl archers'. They get along decently during their track trough the forest. But Shane is outraged when he finds out she was paid to lead him to the temple. Regardless of his anger at her, Anya follows him underground (wanting to know what was going on between him and Yumaris). When there, Anya hears Shane's story and is sympathetic.

When Yumaris runs, Anya wills Shane to forget about the old woman and come back to the surface, telling him he can change and become a good person and let "someone else play the hero". Shane refuses and follows his old teacher, explaining to Anya that he didn't want to be good or evil.


  • Nick Eliopulos stated on twitter on that either Alix or Anya would return in a big way in the second series. This is most likely Alix.
  • Anya is a Russian name meaning "favor" or "grace".


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