Arac is a Euran Greencloak. His wife is Nisha, the captain of the Tellun's Pride II during Broken Ground. His Spirit Animal is a spider monkey

In the Books

Broken Ground

Nisha and Arac accompany Rollan and Abeke on their way to Stetriol. At first Rollan thinks them to be good friends, but they are revealed to be married, which shocks Rollan.

When the whales pulling the ship start acting strange, Nisha jumps down to check them out. A Wyrm parasite gets into her skin, causing the crew to panic, especially Arac.

Later when Rollan and Abeke fend off the infected Stetriolan people, Nisha and Arac attack them. They both fall over the edge of the ship and don't get back up, which implies that they died or were knocked unconscious.

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