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Arax is a ram Great Beast. He is bigger than twice the size of a horse[1]. Sometime before Immortal Guardians, he was summoned back into Erdas by a boy named Grif Burnam. He lived in the mountains of North Amaya before he was summoned as a spirit animal.


Arax is a ram with dark silver fur, golden horns, and yellow eyes about the color of egg yolk. He lives high in the dangerous mountains of Amaya. He seems to prefer being away from humans and other Great Beasts, so he isolated himself in the mountains. It was told by Essix that he has influence over the winds (similar to Halawir).


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Arax's talisman is the Granite Ram. It allows the wearer to jump and leap over great heights and distances.

In the Books[]

Tales of the Great Beasts[]

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Wild Born[]

Arax was located in chapter 15 of Wild Born. Before being found by the Greencloaks, Arax tried to deter them by creating very dangerous weather conditions. In one instance he sent hail and managed to hit Rollan with a hail ball the size of a medium rock. When Arax was finally found, Tarik asked for his talisman, but Arax had no intention giving it up. Soon the Conquerors caught up to the Greencloaks and Arax immediately went on a rampage. He fought both the Conquerors and Greencloaks and managed to kill Jools, Barlow's spirit animal. Before Jools died he managed to give Barlow a final burst of strength which allowed Barlow to throw Arax off of his own mountain.

The Evertree[]

Near the end of the book, with the help of Essix, Ninani, and Mulop, Arax was able to ram Halawir into the Evertree. The impact killed both of them.

Tales of the Fallen Beasts[]

Arax was summoned by Grif but was stolen away by Zerif before Grif could even touch him.


  • A Unique Weapon in the game is named the Granite Axe of Arax.
  • In the game, Worthy uses the phrase "Arax's wool!" in a surprised manner.
  • He makes Amaya his designated home.
  • His name may be derived from the zodiac Aries (as the pronunciation and spelling is slightly similar and he is a ram).
  • Arax's horns stick out from behind Cabaro on the cover of The Burning Tide.



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