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A powerful substance that could force a bond between a human and a spirit animal.”

–-Chapter 1, Bile, Hunted

The Bile is a Nectar substitute created by Gerathon's talisman. If given to a human, It forces a spirit animal bond and gives the human partner total control. If an ordinary animal is given the Bile, it becomes a monster. Drinking the Bile also allows Gerathon to take control of the human and their spirit animal's mind. After Gerathon and her talisman were destroyed, all Bile bonds began to fade. The spirit animal tattoos began to transform into waxy scars and many Bile-bonded animals gave up on their masters, though some held a grudge.

Characters who drank the Bile[]

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Meilin describes the taste of the Bile thinking it was the Nectar in Chapter 3 of Wild Born.

"The warm fluid was a bitter shock to her tongue - it took some effort to avoid gagging. Instead she forced herself to smile as she swallowed. For an unsteady moment Meilin was afraid she would choke on the taste, and then a fiery heat filled her belly. As the warmth radiated outward, her ears started ringing."

Devin drinks the Bile in Chapter 1 of Hunted.

"He had to fight hard not to gag - it was like drinking death itself, and the ground death was buried in."


  • The Bile comes from the Jade Serpent of Gerathon, Gerathon's talisman. It is created from dousing the talisman in swamp water, where it turns into a glowing amber liquid.
  • Bile is stronger than Nectar, because it allows one will to dominate as quoted by Gerathon in Rise and Fall. Therefore, as hinted, it is most likely possible for the animal to be in charge.
  • It can also work like the Nectar in the sense that in calls a spirit animal if you are were to have one. For example, Meilin was destined to call Jhi whether or not she took the Bile, but it gave the powers of a bond made with The Bile.
  • If you had a Bile-bonded spirit animal in passive state when the Evertree was destroyed, you would merge with your spirit animal.