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I'll go alone if I must. While I live, Erdas has a protector.

–Briggan, Tales of the Great Beasts

Briggan is a wolf Great Beast, and Conor's spirit animal. He is one of the Four Fallen, and the patron beast for the continent of Eura.


Briggan is one of the four animals who gave their lives to preserve Erdas in the first Devourer war. Having reformed, and although not even yet full grown, he is described as being the biggest wolf ever seen, with gray-white fur and cobalt-blue eyes, a trait only he possess. He was the greatest Seer (one able to see the future or sense things ahead) before he fell in battle. While it will take time, Briggan will eventually be able to speak audibly and see things ahead again.He is also fast, agile, and ferocious. He is on the flag of Eura. While headstrong, he and Conor are still quickly becoming great friends and earning respect from each other. He is also the first introduced out of the four fallen.

Briggan is a natural leader and has a very honorable personality, though he is not a very good talker. He is very driven by duty. Wild wolves seem to respect his presence and will quickly submit to him, as seen in Fire and Ice. As a spirit animal, Briggan can be playful sometimes with Conor, and acts much like a domestic dog.


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Briggan's talisman is The Silver Wolf. It heightens the user's senses, sometimes even to the extent of prophecy.

In the Books

Wild Born

During this book he is summoned to be with Conor. Conor and Briggan then go with the Greencloaks to Sunset Tower. When Rollan attempts to escape, Briggan catches him and Conor persuades him to stay. During training he helped Conor with a burst of speed. He helps Conor, and both are learning to respect each other and establish a tight bond. At the end of Wild Born, he trusts Conor to allow him to put him in a passive state as they have forged a tighter bond during the battle for Arax's Granite Ram.


Briggan is featured prominently on the cover of Hunted. He plays a major role in this book. At the end of the book, in the battle for Rumfuss's Iron Boar talisman, Briggan was attacked by Elda, Devin Trunswick's spirit animal. He did not give Conor a dream about Dinesh the Elephant at the end, but it was assumed he probably did later.

Blood Ties

This book does not have a lot about Briggan in it. Briggan is shown at the beginning to seem embarrassed about Conor giving a way the Iron Boar of Rumfuss, leaving when Conor reaches to pet him and hiding. He was very vicious towards the black tiger that attacked Uraza and, along with her, did not enjoy the water. He had not given Conor a dream about the next Great Beast, Suka the Polar Bear, as Dinesh had told them about her.

The Evertree

When Tellun asked the four fallen to risk their lives again, Briggan is the first to submit. When they are fight Kovo in the last battle, Briggan bites his wrist while Conor jumps on his back.



  • He is the only male Spirit Animal of the Four Fallen.
  • A unique weapon in the game is called the Silver Axe of Briggan.


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