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"Yeah, well, at least I don't run away the second I get scared. You think this isn't hard for me? You think I don't have doubts too? You think I want to be stuck in some castle across the sea from my home? Go ahead and call me sheep boy all you want. Herding sheep takes a lot more courage and know-how than sneaking away in the night!"

–Conor to Rollan, Wild Born, page 80

Conor is a 13 to 14-year-old boy from Trunswick, Eura. He is the summoner of Briggan the Wolf, and one of the four main protagonists of the series, along with Abeke, Meilin, and Rollan. Conor is considered the loyal leader of the Four.


Conor is the tallest, largest, and heaviest of the Four Fallen summoners, as stated in The Dragon's Eye. He has a friendly, open face, golden-blond hair, blue eyes[3][4] (they have also been described as green instead[5]), and wears tattered clothes, a belt and a green cloak. Briggan's tattoo is on the back of one of his forearms (it has also been described to be on his bicep as well). He also has 'worn-out shepherd's hands', according to Rollan.[6] In Wild Born, it was stated that he is taller than Meilin.[7] In the second series, he is temporarily infected with a Wyrm parasite, which leaves him with a faint scar on his forehead in the shape of a spiral.[8] In combat, Conor often wields an axe. On cover art, he is also shown with a shepherd's staff.


Conor is thirteen to fourteen years old and is the youngest son of Fenray. Like his father and his two older brothers, he herded sheep, and also became very knowledgeable about the shepherd lifestyle. At one point, however, Conor was put into service under Devin Trunswick in order to pay off a debt his family owed the Trunswick family. Conor was shown to not have much confidence in himself, as he did not expect to summon a spirit animal at his Nectar Ceremony, and when he summons Briggan the Wolf, a Great Beast, he initially believes that his bond to the wolf was a mistake and not meant for him. Despite this, he and Briggan quickly become very close. His bond to Briggan gives Conor heightened senses and allows him to have prophetic dreams, as revealed when he has a vision of Arax the Ram in Wild Born. One trait Conor has always held is his love for his family, which is so important to him that he decides to give up the Iron Boar to keep his family safe. He is also very loyal, especially to the Greencloaks and their cause. He was described to be shy by Rollan, who also believes that he can be too trustworthy of others due to his kind manner. Although he is sometimes snubbed by his friends for being a simple shepherd boy, he seldom gets angry and knows how to ease tension among the group. Due to his background of herding sheep, or perhaps because of his bond to Briggan (who was a pack leader), Conor is shown to have a strong sense of leadership. By the end of the series, he changes from a shy, modest boy to the leader of the group. His leadership role becomes especially prominent after Tarik is killed in Rise and Fall. Though Conor can still doubt himself, he becomes much more confident in his abilities by the second series. He may have romantic feelings for Abeke.

In the Books[]

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Wild Born[]

Conor first appeared in the very first chapter. He, Devin, and Dawson are introduced and it is explained that Conor is Devin's servant due to his family's debt. Conor and Devin are about to attend their Nectar ceremony. Devin berates Conor for taking so long to clasps his coat. Dawson (Devin's brother) bursts into the room and ask if Devin is still getting dress to which Devin says that Conor keeps napping. Dawson asks Devin if he'll summon a spirit animal. Dawnson asks what spirit animals Devin thinks he'll summon and guesses that he'll summon a chipmunk. Devin tackles Dawson saying that a bear would be more likely, or a wildcat and that he'll have it taste him. Devin twisted Dawson's nose and mocks him saying that 'at least my nose isn't sore.' Dawson points out that Conor will be drinking the nectar and that he could also summon a spirit animal. Devin mocks Dawson saying that the smiths daughter will summon a spirit animal as well. Dawson asks Conor what spirit animal he would want and he says he'd want a sheepdog. Devin mocked him for being a sheepherder and wanting a sheepdog before asking about Conor's family. Conor didn't want to show that he cared about his family showing up to his nectar ceremony in case they didn't make it. At his Nectar ceremony a grandstand had been made for the earl and his family. Conor thought that it looked like a holiday had been declared for everyone except him. Conor had attended a few Nectar ceremonies though he'd never seen anybody summon a spirit animal, he knew that it had happened several times in the square during his lifetime and recalls that none of them had been well attended and none had as many animals as his did. A common belief was that having a variety of animals at a nectar ceremony increases the chances of summoning a spirit animal. The crowd of people made him self-conscious and he didn't know what to do with his arms. He remembered that everybody was watching Devin and not him when he spotted his mother waving at him and saw his father, and brothers. They even had Soldier Conor's favorite sheepdog. There appearance made some of his fear disappear. Devin leads Conor to a bench and Abby stands up to bow to Devin. Two Greencloaks Isilla, with her goldfinch Frida on her shoulder. Isilla officiated the Nectar ceremonies and had given the nectar to both of Conor's brothers. And the other Greencloak, who Conor noticed had a tattoo winding away into his sleeve. Conor wondered why the man had showed up but assumed that it was because of Devin's high status. Devin went first as it was believed in Eura that the first person to drink the nectar has a higher chance of summoning a spirit animal. Neither Devin, or Abby summoned a spirit animal. When Conor's name was called to drink the Nectar he tried to ignore the crowd by focusing on Isilla. Conor was about to return to the bench when he got a tingling feeling in his chest when animals started to cry out. And he saw the wolf which turned out to be Briggan. Conor held out his hand and Briggan licked his palm causing Conor to feel a spark of electricity, courage, and clarity. He smelled Briggan with enhanced senses and could sense that the wolf was a male and considered Conor an equal. The Greencloak stranger stepped forward and introduced himself as Tarik. Conor met Meilin the summoner of Jhi the Panda on his way to Sunset Tower where Rollan and Essix were with Olvan, the leader of the Greencloaks. Tarik introduced Meilin and Conor to Rollan and Briggan, and Jhi came forward to greet Essix. Rollan tells Conor and Meilin get ready to started as Tarik rides ahead to announce the arrival of the Four Fallen. Conor wonders what they would do at Sunset Tower and Meilin speculates that they'll be soldiers. Rollan asks if Conor or Meilin had any tips with getting their spirit animals to work with them. Conor finds Rollan later that night trying to run away from Sunset tower. Conor tells Rollan that Briggen kept pawing at the door. Rollan lies and says that Essix went out flying and hadn't returned. Rollan comes clean to Conor telling him that he was running away. Conor and Rollan start to argue when Rollan says that Essix doesn't seem to like him and Conor says he wondered why. After Conor calls Rollan a coward they make up and Conor admits that he doesn't want to be left alone with Meilin and says that he grew up with two brother and didn't know the first thing about girls. The next morning, before training Conor is relieved when Rollan finally shows up at training so he doesn't have to be alone with Meilin. The observers blindfolded Conor, Rollan, and Meilin. Tarik told them to point out the location of their spirit animals. Conor came the closest to where his spirit animals was with. Rollan teases Meilin asking if she had to run much in her palace and Conor says that he runs fine asking how good is Rollan at running who jokes saying that orphans have to be good at running and that slow orphans end up in jail. Conor ran at the same pace as Meilin with Rollan a few paces ahead of them. Conor reached the wall last slapping it than turning around to run towards the opposite end of the room. Briggan howled and Conor pulled ahead of Meilin and Rollan and slamming into the bag with his shoulder. Lenori takes Conor into a room and asks him about his dreams since he'd summoned Briggan. Lenori asks if he'd seen any other animals and Conor admits that he saw a ram. Lenori asks if he'd seen any other Great Beasts like Rumfuss, or Tellun, Conor names a few of the great beasts and says that shepherds pay extra attention to Arax. Conor notices Briggan's ears prick up at the mention of Kovo and Gerathon. Lenori takes Conor's hand and tells him to stare at Myriam and he has a vision of a grizzly bear and raccoon running their eyes fixed on the horizon. Conor ran beside them and seeing Arax the Ram's silhouette in the sunlight. Olvan tells Conor, Rollan, and Meilin that the Devourer is once again collecting the talismans and that he was assigning Tarik to find the talismans with them. Conor, Rollan, Meilin, and Tarik rode horses to Boulder City in search of Barlow and Monte, two Greencloaks who broke their oaths to be explorers who supposedly knew the wilds of western Amaya better than anyone else. Conor leaves Briggan outside Monte and Barlow's trading post to guard the horses. Monte is called out by Rollan for lying and tries to make a run for it but is stopped by Briggan who was waiting outside. Monte introduces the group to Barlow and Traik explains why they need Monte and Barlow's help. Conor thought that there was no better human match for a bear than Barlow. Barlow tells Tarik that the Greencloaks need to stop going after children to join their cause. Barlow asks to see Briggan and takes his time examining Essix and Jhi before asking where were they hiding Uraza. As the group was traveling up the mountain they were surrounded by the Ravens' tribe. Derawat discussed with the other leaders of the tride before deciding that the group would pick a champion and if they won they get to pass through, if he won they'd be the tribes slaves. Meilin volunteered to be their champion and fought against Derawat. Once Meilin won, the companions crowded around Meilin showering her in praise. Arax sends a hailstorm in at the companions to try and scare them off. Rollan almost fell off his horse after being hit with a hailstone on his forehead and Jhi licks his head in order to heal the wound. Tarik, Conor, and Briggan lead the way up the mountain after the hailstorm had subsided. Tarik explains why they have came to Arax and senses an army approaching and charges at the companions. Rollan and Conor run over to where Meilin is standing and Rollan tells them that Zerif is with them. Conor, who is nervous tells Meilin that he's chopped a lot of wood and that he'll do great if they stood still. After the battle Conor was leaning against the highest parapet on Sunset Tower with Briggan. Conor tells Briggan to be patient with him and that he'll practice more with his axe and that he can do better so next time Briggan won't have to save him so much. Briggan nuzzled Conor's arm and Conor realized that he was trying to go into passive state. With a flash Briggan became a tattoo on Conor's forearm. Rollan approaches, saying that he saw that with Meilin and Abeke beside him and Meilin praises him for getting Briggan to go into passive state and he felt shy at her compliment. Conor tells the other that he's been having nightmares about a boar.


Conor is first shown in the training room at Greenhaven. He offers a smile towards Abeke when she is late. When Tarik tells the Fallen to use everyday weapons. Rollan jokes that he did that every day in his old life while Meilin argues that she could do better with her bare hands. Conor and Abeke exchange glances, then go to get weapons without complaining. After he plays a major role in convincing the lord to free Rumfuss the Boar and earns the Iron Boar talisman. Towards the end of the book, Dawson approaches him, reading him a letter about how his family was struggling. The deal was that Conor would give him the Iron Boar so his family's debt would be forgiven. He did give away the talisman, causing Meilin to go to Zhong.

Blood Ties[]

Conor is blamed for giving the Conquerors the Iron Boar to save his family. Rollan especially teases him about it. Conor is forgiven by Abeke. Soon after, Rollan gets the Sunset Death. He and Abeke have a task to get banana gourds or Rollan will die.

Fire and Ice[]

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Against the Tide[]

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Rise and Fall[]

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The Evertree[]

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Immortal Guardians[]

A parasite wriggles its way into a cut on Conor's arm. He greets Meilin at Greenhaven and discusses the parasite in his arm. He travels with Takoda, Meilin, and Kovo to the Petral Mountains. He finds the ruins with them, and travels down to Sadre. When Meilin falls out of sight into the Many, Conor calls out for her before one of the Infected crawls into the cave. He is then saved by Xanthe and asks who she is.

Broken Ground[]

The parasite progresses further up Conor's arm. He momentarily loses control and Xanthe realizes that he is infected. Meilin and Takoda convince Xanthe to stay with the group, despite her initial trepidation. The group comes to a fork in the road (or cave, rather) and ends up having to go right, taking the long way around. They attempt to cross the Archane Fields, but Takoda accidentally sets it on fire, accidentally separating Xanthe from the rest of the group. Conor, Meilin, and Takoda end up in the Sulfur Sea without a guide.

The Return[]

Conor, Meilin, and Takoda wait for Xanthe for a couple of days, before eventually moves forward, having realized she was not coming back. Conor uses his connection with the Wyrm to help direct the group towards it, in the absence of Xanthe, who had been their guide. Later, Conor senses the pirates with Briggan's help/enhanced senses, and tells the rest of the group. After managing to convince them, they hold up a torch, trying to get the pirates to notice them. They succeed, and are allowed to board the pirates' ship.

The Burning Tide[]

Conor is under the control of the Wyrm. He breaks free of the chains Meilin and Takoda had put him in and leads an army of The Many into battle with them. The Wyrm awakens in this battle, and Xanthe (their guide) returns. They ring the bell on the tower, but the mechanism stops. The Wyrm travels into the volcano where Abeke and Rollan are with the Redcloaks, and goes into Zerif. Abeke rings the bell in the volcano and makes the tides and spirit bonds turn. They defeat the Wyrm, and are reunited, though Meilin and Rollan are a bit... awkward when meeting each other again, that is, until Jhi comes up and bumps Meilin, forcing them into a hug.

Heart of the Land[]

Conor, Abeke, Rollan, and Meilin all receive a summon from Olvan, inviting them to a conference held by all of the nations of Erdas. At the conference, the leaders are attacked by "Fakecloaks," people pretending to be Greencloaks, and the Emperor of Zhong is killed. Princess Song orders the Oathbound to capture the Greencloaks. Conor, Rollan, Abeke, and Meilin run with Olvan and lock themselves in a room, at which point Olvan gives them the Heart of the Land and instructs them to reveal it, before being bitten by Brunhild the Merry's spirit animal, a stone viper, which turns Olvan into stone. They manage to escape with the help of Anka and her chameleon spirit animal. They run from the Oathbound for several days, and board a ship to Amaya. Conor and Rollan both attempt to sleep on the cots on the ship, but Conor has a nightmare about the Wyrm. Abeke kisses the mark on his forehead left by the parasite, effectively stopping the nightmares.

The Wildcat’s Claw[]

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The Dragon’s Eye[]

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"I could beat Shane. I have no doubt. I dreamed about it."

–Conor to Tarik in Fire and Ice

-To Abeke, for not helping her battle four adult Greencloaks in a training session in Greenhaven, Hunted

"Excuse me. I'm sorry. Oh, was that your eye?!"

–To the cooks in the Greenhaven kitchen, Hunted

"I don't know if that's food or laundry."
-To Rollan, regarding Lady Evelyn's laundry-like soup, Hunted

"We've delivered ourselves to the enemy. All because I wanted to come back here. Why? This isn't home. This place has always been a trap. All because I wanted to return to a place where I'd always been trapped. Now I'm trapped all over again."

–Conor's thoughts when he and Rollan had been captured by Conquerors in Trunswick, Hunted

"But th-this is wrong. I don't want to leave you behind. Come with us."

–To his mother during the battle at the Howling House, Hunted

"We're helping. It's what we're meant to do."
-To Abeke, Meilin, and Rollan about aiding the Greencloak supporters in the battle at the Howling House, Hunted

"It seemed polite."
-To Rollan, about wearing a kilt in Glengavin, Hunted

"Briggan is not really mine, my lord. If anything, I suppose I'm his."

–To Lord MacDonnell about his bond with Briggan, Hunted

"I know what I will do. I will return to my family's farm with enough money to pay off our debts, and then I will take my place among my brothers as a shepherd, just like my father before me."

–Conor's plans for his life after the war is ended, Hunted


  • His family has ten dogs.[9]He had three more previously, but wolves killed them.
  • When Conor was 9, he and his brothers faced off against a pack of wolves to defend their family’s sheep.
  • Conor's name most likely comes from the Celtic name 'Connor', which means "son of the wolf" or "dog/wolf lover".
  • In Hunted, Lord MacDonnell states that if Conor had been born in Glengavin, his surname would most likely be 'MacFenray' (meaning 'son of Fenray').
  • Conor is the only Hero of Erdas to not have lost either of his parents.
  • Conor is the Four Fallen summoner who appears on the most book covers (seven in total).
  • Conor’s family has never summoned a spirit animal since “some obscure great-grand uncle decades ago.” As said in Wild Born.
  • In Wild Born, he had not seen his family in more than half a year, and missed them greatly.
  • Conor, when asked what spirit animal he would want in Wild Born, said that he would like a sheepdog.
  • When he was a shepherd, Conor would speak to his sheep.
  • Conor has once seen a terrier dog shake a rat like a toy.
  • Conor only started learning how to read after The Evertree.
  • Conor, as depicted on the book covers, is right handed, though this is not confirmed in the writing itself.

Google Translated *disclaimer: all of these were put through Google translate, and are not accurate to real life.[]

  • Conor’s name pronunciation in Bangla ( কোনো ) means “any”.
  • Conor’s name pronunciation in Telugu ( కోనేరు ) means “end”.
  • Conor’s name pronunciation in Xhosa (ikhonkco) means “link”.



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