Conor has a strong relationship and respect for Briggan, his spirit animal, and Briggan shows the same for him. However, it is revealed he is partially afraid of his wolf, due to the fact his howls remind him of wolves back home where he was a shepherd. Briggan also will stop him from his plan of going home to be a shepherd, as wolves can not be among sheep. He is oblivious to this fact. In Broken Ground Meilin states that Conor and Briggan seem to share the same soul.


Conor has a large family, including both of his parents and 2 older brothers. He loves his family perhaps more than anything, which is why he was willing to give up the Iron Boar talisman to keep his mother safe.

Devin Trunswick

Devin and Conor have a tense relationship for most of the series due to Conor being Devin's servant, and Conor humiliating Devin by summoning Briggan. Devin openly hated Conor and mocked his bond with Briggan with every chance he got. Conor does not particularly like Devin but does not hate him either. In the end of Hunted, Devin seeks out Rumfuss's talisman in Glengavin and battles Conor personally. However Devin and the Conquerors lose the battle for the talisman and retreat, Devin and Karmo being thrown in Glengavin's prison. Devin and Conor's relationship is not mentioned much after the events of Hunted. With Devin's point of view in Tales of the Fallen Beasts, it is revealed that Devin regrets most of the things he did and may wish to reconvene with Conor.

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In Heart of the Land, Conor discovers Worthy's true identity. He is hostile towards his former enemy at first, but Worthy tries to be friendly. After Worthy had helped Conor and Rollan in a fight in Concorba, Conor begins to treat him more like a friend. He compliments him at one point and Worthy puts on his mask to hide how pleased he is. Before Conor leaves to climb the tower and reveal the Heart of the Land, he tells Worthy that he can be worthy, to which Worthy becomes emotional and replies, "I hope so."

Dawson Trunswick

Conor believes that Dawson is much kinder than Devin, and that he can be funny sometimes. Dawson is friendly towards Conor. When he visits Conor in the middle of the night to take the Iron Boar talisman, he apologizes and promises that he'll make sure The Earl keeps his word. Later in Tales of the Fallen Beasts, it was revealed that Dawson had actually helped the Earl take Conor's mother away, and felt extremely guilty about it, even to the point that he started to cry.


Rollan seems to be comfortable with Conor around, and refers to him as his best friend. Conor warms up to Rollan quite easily in the first book. He states in Immortal Guardians that Rollan never failed to make him feel loved. In Hunted, Conor gets flustered when Rollan points out that he looked decent in a kilt. In Blood Ties, though, Rollan gets angry at him for giving away the Iron Boar and causing Meilin to return to Zhong. While walking through a swamp, he falls into the mud, but Conor pulls him out from behind. Rollan thinks that he should thank him, but everything was "too raw and complicated". Throughout the book he is still mad at him, despite Conor's desperate attempts to mend their friendship. During a battle with the Conquerors, Rollan looks to him and says "Together, right?" and Conor replies "Always." In the next book, Rollan finally apologizes to him with pressure from Briggan and they become friends again, as Rollan's meeting with his own mother made him able to relate with Conor's dilemma. Rollan often makes jokes about how Conor smells bad, gives him the nickname 'Sheep boy' and dares him lick the ice that Suka was frozen in in exchange for Rollan to carry his pack for 3 days. In Against the Tide, when Conor was temporarily stuck underwater while Meilin betrayed the Greencloaks, Rollan was worried that he'd lose Conor as well as Meilin. In Rise and Fall, Rollan tells Conor that he liked his old "sheep boy" self better, but Conor tells him that he's gone now.


When Abeke switches sides to the Greencloaks, Conor is the only one to act remotely friendly towards her. They seem to get along, and when Rollan catches the Sunset Death, they go together to get the banana gourds. When Abeke was supposed to keep watch and accidentally falls asleep, she hesitates in telling Conor the truth because she knew he trusted her. During a battle with the Conquerors, Conor witnesses the connection between Abeke and Shane, and asks who he was, but Abeke gets defensive and flustered. In Fire and Ice, Conor gets jealous of her and Shane when they meet each other again, saying that he could beat Shane because he dreamt of it. Later on in the book, he even says that he wanted to punch Shane in the face, to which Rollan agrees saying that some people just had that type of face. While in the middle of Arctica, Conor rubs Abeke's feet because she had frostbite, which embarrassed Abeke but she let Conor do it anyway. Abeke admits only to herself that, before him, she'd never felt what it was like to have a brother. In Rise and Fall, Conor shows uncharacteristic bravery as he stands up to Pojalo for insulting Abeke, only to be rebuked. They continue to be very close friends. Conor may have romantic feelings for Abeke, but she may be oblivious to this, and it is only visibly touched upon in some parts of the books.

In the aftermath of the Wyrm war, Conor continues to have nightmares about the Wyrm, and Abeke is a main source of comfort when he wakes up from them. She kisses the spot where the parasite had been on his forehead in order to calm him down at one point, and afterwards Conor begins to stop having the nightmares.


In the beginning of the series, Conor was immensely impressed by Meilin, and a bit embarrassed to talk to her. Eventually they both regard each other as equals and friends. In a battle with the Conquerors, Conor makes a joke about using his axe, and Meilin admits to herself that it took courage to joke at a time like that. In the second series, Meilin and Conor journey to Sadre. Although Conor is infected with a parasite, Meilin is unwilling to leave him behind, even when Takoda and Xanthe believe they should. The two are shown to be very close, and Conor jokes about Meilin being afraid of heights.


Conor openly despises Shane for most of the series, showing uncharacteristic anger whenever Shane would appear. It seems to be mostly because of Shane's friendship with Abeke. Shane seems indifferent to Conor and his jealousy. In Fire and Ice, he waves to Conor from afar as if they were old friends, to which Conor says he'd like to punch Shane in the face, and Rollan agrees. Despite Conor's earlier ill feelings towards Shane, he is the one to convince the Four Fallen that Shane should accompany them to The Evertree.

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