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Cordalles is a girl from a family of sea traders who has summoned Halawir the Eagle.


Cordalles' family are sea traders, which means they are never in one place and she is used to living on a boat. In Tales of the Fallen Beasts, she summoned Halawir the Eagle. Although Halawir relented her at first, they start to develop a bond.


Cordalles has brown skin and pale hair, "as if the sun had both toasted and bleached her."[1]

In the Books

Tales of the Fallen Beasts

Cordalles is first seen when Halawir is caught in a net set by her father Imari, and at first is shown to be extremely sure on the fact that she summoned Halawir, where her father thinks she summoned a hawk. Soon after her mother placed a rough rope leash on Halawir’s leg, he poops on her head in a very undignified way. When he is placed in a room, she, who is never let out of her parents sight, wants to take him out to form a bond so they trust her, with a much more comfortable leash, and when they land at a town in Zhong, she pays the remaining crew member to let them out, and after they run through the streets, she meets Raisha, who takes her to Zerif. They try to kidnap Cordalles, but Halawir stops them, at the cost of his "freedom."

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