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Cordelia is a member of The Oathbound, and an antagonist in The Wildcat's Claw.


Cordelia wears the black Oathbound uniform, and her long brown hair is twisted into a braid. She also has rings on most of her fingers.[1]

In the Books

The Wildcat's Claw

In the beginning of the book, Cordelia attempts to question Lenori. When Lenori stays silent, however, Cordelia leaves her with no food.

When the main group travels through a market just outside of Trunswick, Essix sees Cordelia, plus a few other Oathbound men, meaning the Oathbound had beaten them to Eura. The group quickly leaves, though Cordelia and her men are still tracking them. The Oathbound later visit Trunswick, threatening to ransack the town.

Cordelia and the Oathbound appear after the main group discovers the Wildcat's Claw sword. A battle is started, and Cordelia strikes down Anka. As a distraction, Worthy claims he is holding the Heart of the Land, and pretends to throw it. When Cordelia turns around, she is faced with Worthy wielding the Wildcat's Claw. The fighting starts back up again, but Worthy raises the sword and strikes the statue of Gransfen that was holding the cavern together. Cordelia calls him a fool, and they both disappear in the cavern's cave-in. However, she survives, while it is unknown if Worthy did, too.

The Dragon's Eye

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