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Dawson Trunswick is Devin's kind younger brother, and the current Earl of Trunswick. His spirit animal is Rumfuss the Boar, a Great Beast.


In Hunted, Dawson was said to have high cheeks and bright eyes.[2] He's also taller than Devin.

In the Books

Wild Born

Dawson was first introduced as Devin's younger brother. He teases his brother by telling him he'll summon a chipmunk at his Nectar Ceremony. Devin tackles him and tells him he'll summon a wildcat (which he actually does, summoning Elda later with the Bile), and the first thing he'll do is have it taste him. Dawson then asks Conor what he'd like to summon if he did call a spirit animal; Conor replies that he'd like a sheepdog.

Later on at Devin and Conor's Nectar Ceremony, Conor summons Briggan and Dawson is shown looking on with astonishment.


He pushes a flaming wheelbarrow to help the four fallen and Finn escape from Trunswick.

Later on, he is sent by his father to give Conor a letter telling him that if he gives Dawson the Iron Boar, his family's debt will be forgiven and his mother will be set free. After Conor decides to give it to him, Dawson promises that he will make sure his father keeps his word.

Tales of the Fallen Beasts

Dawson was revealed to have summoned Rumfuss the Boar, a Great Beast. He and Devin reunite in Trunswick. But before Devin can warn his brother, Zerif appears, and with the help of Raisha captures Rumfuss. Devin, Dawson, and Karmo leave Trunswick as a fire (started by a mob) ravages the town.

The Wildcat's Claw

Dawson was mentioned by Worthy saying to Abeke "Tell Dawson I was a hero" before the cave collapsed on him.



Devin and Dawson are close brothers. In Tales of The Fallen Beasts, Devin reminds Dawson of all the 'stupid' things he had done as a child (like letting their dogs loose into the mud), but Dawson in return reminds him of the time he had broken his father's vase, and Devin took the blame for him. Right before Devin is dropped off of a roof by Zerif, Dawson tells his brother that he loves him.


Conor believes that Dawson is much kinder than Devin, and that he can be funny sometimes. Dawson is friendly towards Conor. When he visits Conor in the middle of the night to take the Iron Boar talisman, he apologizes and promises that he'll make sure The Earl keeps his word. Later in Tales of the Fallen Beasts, it was revealed that Dawson had actually helped the Earl take Conor's mother away, and felt extremely guilty about it, even to the point that he started to cry.


  • Conor mentioned in the first book that Dawson talks a lot, and often gets annoying. But some of the things he says can be very funny.
  • In a Spirit Animals admin livestream, it was confirmed that Dawson will appear again in the second series.[3]
  • "Dawson" is an English name meaning "son of David".


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