Derawat is the leader of The Ravens. He appeared in Wild Born when he and the Ravens prevented the Greencloaks from passing through their turf.


Unlike other Amayan tribes, The Ravens aren’t as generous or peaceful as others. However, Derawat is shown to believe in honour and a fair fight when he becomes offended by their choice of combatant, Meilin. He even threatens to punish the travellers double for the offence, but grows to respect her throughout the challenge. He is also quick, strong, and skilled in the type of challenge he participates in.

In The Books

Wild Born

Derawat first appears when Conor, Abeke, Meilin, Rollan, Tarik, Barlow, Monte, and their spirit animals are passing through the mountains on their search for the Granite Ram. He is among about seventy warriors with bows and arrows and insists that they surrender so that The Ravens could judge them. Barlow refuses, and Derawat then excepts Barlow’s request for trial by combat, but becomes offended when Meilin is chosen to fight against him.

Derawat and Meilin fight. At first, Derawat underestimates his opponent, but Meilin soon surprises him with three well-placed blows that make him visibly uncomfortable. He doesn’t manage to hit Meilin once in the entire challenge, while she hits him eleven times, leaving him in disbelief at her skills. He merely nods politely when she wins.

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