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Dinesh is an elephant Great Beast, who can turn to stone when he sleeps. In Immortal Guardians, he is summoned back into Erdas by Kaiina.


Dinesh is an elephant with aqua eyes and leathery gray skin,[1] and is the main Great Beast of Blood Ties. Out of all the Great Beasts, he is viewed as the most pampered, with many human servants and worshipers who adorn him with silks, find his food, and help dedicate temples in his honor. But in his defense, he has long sought ways to work with humans rather than against them, which "have yielded some favorable results." Appropriately, he does not mind humans, although he is often mocked and disrespected for it. He resided in Zhong, specifically in a temple in the center of the Lake of the Elephant in Pharsit Nang.

Essix's Opinion[]

"Dinesh, don't let your greatness be only a matter of size."

–Essix to Dinesh in Tales of the Great Beasts


Main article: Talismans Dinesh's talisman is the Slate Elephant. It makes the user's spirit animal grow gigantic.


Dinesh is described as having intelligent brilliant aqua eyes. He has leathery skin, his skin rough and thick.

In the Books[]

Blood Ties[]

Dinesh makes his first appearance in Blood Ties. When the team asks for his talisman, he is hesitant to do so. Rollan stumbles upon the talisman and instead of stealing it, he leaves it be. Dinesh decides to help them by defeating the Conquerors and gives the team the Slate Elephant.

Tales of the Great Beasts[]

The Great Elephant appears in Essix's chapter, "Fall of the Four." Dinesh, like many other Great Beasts, attends the final Grand Council. Unfortunately, insults both big and small are thrown at him from left and right. Suka makes a small remark about how, "the day you dash is the day I fly," and Uraza makes several snide comments about Dinesh and his worshippers, one of which being "Great Beasts have never let humans decorate them with silks. Nor have they helped design shrines to themselves. Dinesh, I'm more interested in the opinions of Great Beasts who can find their own food." At the end of the council, Dinesh sides with the majority of the Great Beasts who wish to disengage, but still let Uraza, Jhi, Essix, and Briggan do as they wish.

Immortal Guardians[]

In the first chapter of the book, Dinesh was summoned in a Zhongese marketplace by a girl named Kaiina. Soon afterward, Zerif arrived with parasite-infected Suka, Rumfuss, and Halawir. With their assistance, Zerif succeeded in stealing Dinesh with the Wyrm parasites. Later in the book, Dinesh helped Zerif steal Tellun from Anda.


  • Like most of the neutral Great Beasts, Dinesh is slightly hostile towards the Four Fallen, stating "I have not missed them," and calling Essix "aloof," Briggan as "ready to bite someone," and saying that Uraza "woke him from his sleep" with annoyance.
  • Dinesh can roll into a humungous rock boulder and roll and jump, crushing everything in his path.
  • Dinesh can read minds as shown as in Blood Ties.
  • A unique weapon in the game is named the Slate Sword of Dinesh.