Donn is Finn's spirit animal, the legendary wildcat protector of Eura. He was summoned without the Nectar of Ninani, causing his bond with Finn to be complicated.

In the Books


When Finn fought his last battle in his Greencloak career, Donn went into passive state and never came out again. Finn is shown to still feel his presence, as Abeke sees him put his hand over Donn’s tattoo. Finn's hair turned white and he got many tattoos to hide the fact Donn was a black wildcat; he then tried to save the bond at the Moon Tower. Near the end of the book, Donn comes out of dormant state to help with the battle for the Iron Boar tailsman, where Rumfuss the Boar states the bond was never lost. The Earl of Trunswick also mentions that he had tried to break Donn and Finn’s troubled bond by putting Finn in the Howling House.

The Evertree

Donn and Finn come along with Dorian, Kalani, Maya, and other Greencloaks to fight the final battle in Stetriol. While they are on the boat, Donn chases Tini around the boat, with Finn and Maya chasing after Donn to prevent him from hurting Tini, and is given an scowl by Finn.


  • "Donn" is an Irish name meaning either "brown" or "chief, noble"
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