Dorian is a Greencloak who makes his debut in The Evertree. He is sometimes called the 'keeper of the maps'.


Dorian has dark blonde hair tied into a ponytail at the nape of his neck.[1]

In the Books

The Evertree

Dorian is in charge of a group going to Muttering Rock. He is disliked by Rollan for taking Tarik's place. When he scolds Maya, Rollan, Abeke, and Conor for attracting to much attention and nearly getting captured by the Conquerors, Rollan says "Tarik would have been proud of us of us, if he was still here! But he's not. We just have you, trying to fill his shoes." Dorian is hurt by that. When he turns to leave, he says that "Tarik and I joined the Greencloaks at the same time. We trained together. So don't tell me things I already know." He is killed from stonefish poison. After he dies, Rollan shouts "I'm sorry" several times.


  • "Dorian" is an English name meaning "descendant of Dorus".
  • Dorian is also a name assigned to a hurricane (Hurricane Dorian)


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