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When all of Erdas has united under Stetriol's banner, the Greencloaks will be no more than a boring history lesson.

–Drina in the Spirit Animals Game

Drina was Shane's older sister, and the main antagonist of the Spirit Animals Game. Her spirit animal was a large spider named Iskos, who, under Gerathon's control, killed his own human partner in the events of Rise and Fall.


Drina was a teenage girl with a sharp jaw, high cheekbones, white-blonde hair[1] and blue eyes.[2] In the game, she wears a ruby pendant necklace, along with multiple bracelets and bangles. Her suit is made of black leather with strips of ivory to resemble spider legs. She was described to be very beautiful, and had a noticeable resemblance to her brother, Shane.

In the Books

Wild Born

Drina is mentioned to be Shane's sister. During the events of Wild Born and up to Rise and Fall, Drina was on a mission to retrieve the missing Talismans from the Greencloaks.

Rise and Fall

Sometime prior to Rise and Fall, Drina had already been defeated by the Keeper of Greenhaven during the events of the Spirit Animals Game.

In the first chapter, Drina appears on the Conqueror ship that Meilin and Abeke were imprisoned on, which was headed for the Conquerors' headquarters. When the two female Heroes are brought outside of their cell, Abeke notes the resemblance between Drina and Shane. She and Shane throw insults at each other before Zerif stops their argument, proceeding to kick Meilin and Abeke off of the ship's side. Before falling, Abeke notices that even Drina looks shocked at Zerif's actions.

After the two girls are able to swim to shore, they are brought to a Conqueror meeting. Drina speaks out of turn several times, making Shane anxious. The only Great Beast present, Gerathon the Serpent, flicks a drop of the Bile onto Drina's foot. Drina says that the substance was foul, the remark being heard by everyone. General Gar takes the opportunity to ask his niece to step forward and extend her hand out, palm up; he intends to punish her for failing to retrieve the talismans. Gerathon mind-controls Iskos to climb along Drina's outstretched arm and onto her palm. Drina is held in place by Yumaris as Iskos, still under Gerathon's control, injects venom into Drina's wrist, killing her almost instantly. Though terrified, the Conquerors at the meeting begin to chant "All hail the Reptile King!" after her death. In the chaos, Shane, Meilin, and Abeke escape the meeting.

It is later revealed that Drina's punishment was an intentional ploy, in order for Shane to be able to "escape" with Abeke and infiltrate Greenhaven. However, Shane did not know his sister would actually be killed, and is shaken by her death.

The Book of Shane Trilogy

Book 1: Venom

After hearing Drina screaming at night, Shane rushes to his sister's room. There, he finds a huge spider in the corner of the room. He prepares to throw his lantern at it, but Drina stops him, realizing that the arachnid was her spirit animal, and that she'd summoned him in her sleep.

Drina subsequently becomes very ill due to the Bonding sickness. Shane visits her often, even with his fear of Iskos. Frequently, Drina would go through dramatic mood swings due to her sickness; once, she pins him to the wall, holds a knife to his throat, and berates him. She calls her brother pathetic, whispering to herself that she'd make a much better heir to Stetriol's throne.

Further in the book, Shane has flashbacks of when he and Drina were small children. When young Shane was bit by a snake while playing in his mother's garden, Drina starts crying, and Shane asks his mother why his sister was crying. His mother replies that Drina is worried for him.

Some time later, Drina is offered the Bile and accepts it. It cures her bonding sickness, but also enslaves her to Gerathon.

Book 3: Vengeance

In the third Book of Shane, Shane tracks down Yumaris because he is angry about Drina's death, and wants revenge. Yumaris tells him that the bonding sickness had made Drina a monster. She also reveals that Gerathon had planned to kill Shane on the day of Drina's death, but Yumaris persuaded the serpent to kill Drina instead.

In the game

Lv. 40 Battle


Drina in the Lvl 40 battle

When you, the player, reach level 40, you must fight Drina in order to acquire Halawir the Eagle's talisman. The battle takes place in Greenhaven during a storm. Unlike other quests, you don't have to 'reach the passage', and are immediately taken to the battleground.

When you first start the quest, you have a vision. Ninani the Swan warns you about the battle; she tells you to show the power of 'Ninani's Champion'. After that, the screen goes black and Drina appears, telling you that Zerif and Shane want her to kill you. You appear in Greenhaven and see Drina running away. She initially focuses on dodging your attacks. You chase her to the grassy battleground, where Drina fires jets of poisoned arrows at you (these are slow and easy to dodge). After a while, Drina will 'backflip' onto a bridge and stand at the right end of it. You chase after her, only to see Iskos appear on the left end of the bridge. Drina will glow purple like the 'Fox Frenzy' skill, and be immune to all attacks. She and her spirit animal will make a barrier of purple webs on each side of the bridge. Drina will keep firing poisoned arrows at you, while red circles will flash on the bridge (warnings of Iskos's webs that appear seconds later). If caught in the webs, they will slow you down.

Keep firing arrows at Iskos (while avoiding Drina's arrows). Iskos has less health than Drina and can be taken down with 6 shots. After Iskos drops, all of Drina's skills will disappear. She will drop down, exhausted, and will remain defenseless for 18 seconds. During that time, attack her as much as you can. Drina will then get up and run away from the bridge, up to the grassy part of the battleground again.

When you reach her, she has other ideas this time. She will fire her usual poison arrows, but flashing red circles will appear everywhere you step - the purple webs will appear everywhere (including the bridge). The way to avoid this is to run around in wide circles. If you get stuck, you and your spirit animal will be trapped in a ball of purple webs. You won't be able to move or do anything at all, and Drina will begin healing herself.

Drina will repeat all those attacks mentioned above until her health runs out. The player will automatically chase her to a dead end. The dialogue will then go as follows: 

'You-you won. I can't believe it. Zerif will never forgive me. But this isn't the end Keeper, they have so many plans. You don't know the half of it. Nowhere is safe. Not even Greenhaven'.

She then backflips away. You meet Lenori and Olvan again and they tell you, you are the 'chosen one' by Ninani.

Lenori: Drina escaped. The girl is as crafty as her spirit animal.

Olvan: I can't believe she was bold enough to attack you in Greenhaven.

Lenori: But I'm curious, Keeper. How did you know she was coming? None of the guards heard anything until your battle.

You explain to Lenori and Olvan about the glowing swan from your dream, and the voice that called you 'Ninani's Champion'.

Lenori: I see. No, I'm not surprised. In the vision that brought us to you, a voice spoke to me and named you Keeper. Deep down, I knew. Ninani has chosen you! She watches over the Greencloaks, even now...

Olvan: You, Conor, Abeke, Meilin and Rollan. Five young heroes touched by the Great Beasts. I hope it will be enough.

Lenori: Drina dropped this on her way out. The Bronze Eagle of Halawir. How the Conquerors got this is a mystery, but thanks to you, it's safe with us.


  • Watch your back, Greencloak. There are scarier things than this running around.
  • Here's some advice- give up before I get really mad.
  • I guess you beat me to the punch.
  • You know what? Stay out of my way.
  • Hey, it's the newest Greencloak dupe.
  • When all of Erdas has united under Stetriol's banner, the Greencloaks will be no more than a boring history lesson.
  • I will not fail!
  • Meet MY spirit animal.
  • Iskos, go!
  • For Stetriol.
  • Arggh! Too much!
  • You had your chance.
  • Take THIS!
  • "Stay AWAY!"



Drina is Shane's sister. When she was infected with the bonding sickness, Shane frequently came to visit where she was bedridden. Though Drina would sometimes lash out and unintentionally hurt her brother, Shane loves her, as she is family. In a flashback, Drina was even shown to cry out of worry when her brother was bit by a snake. In Rise and Fall, when Drina is killed by Iskos, Shane still went along with his 'good guy' plan, but was shown to actually be horrified by his sister's death.

General Gar

Drina is Gar's neice. In Rise and Fall, when he told Drina to extend her arm so that Iskos could bite and kill her, he tells her that this was the only punishment "even for you"; which could have hinted that he cared for her, but not enough to save her from her punishment.


  • She was mentioned by Abeke on the Spirit Animals forum.[3]
  • Drina's symptoms while afflicted with the bonding sickness are very similar to those of mood disorders.
  • Drina's favorite color is pink.[4]
  • Drina is an English variant of the name Alexander, and means "defender of mankind".



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