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Elda is a Bile-controlled black wildcat summoned by Devin.

In the Books[]


Elda is seen fighting the Greencloaks at Glengavin with Devin and was attacked by a shadow like creature later revealed to be Donn, Finn's wildcat.


Level 35 Battle[]

Elda in the game

Elda jumps and helps Devin attack and try to defeat the player. She also has the Komodo Dragon special ability, Dragon Ember.


  • In-game, unlike other Conqueror's spirit animals, Elda has a purple ring around her instead of a red one.
  • In-game, Elda's name tag says 'Devin wildcat' instead of her name.
  • "Elda" is an Italian name meaning "warrior".
    A panther

    A panther