The Emperor Penguin (or simply the Penguin) is one of the animals which you can summon as a spirit animal on the Spirit Animals website. It originates from Arctica, and is in the Penguin category.

Penguin-based Skills

Penguin Blizzard - Call upon the freezing winds of your penguin's home to push back enermies.

Level 2 - Increase push force.

Level 3 - Increase duration.

Level 4 - Add slow effect.

Ice Prison - The bond with your penguin allows you to summon a crag of ice to trap an enermy for a time.

Level 2 - Upon destruction, the ice crag shatters, dealing damage to nearby enemies.

Level 3 - Ice crag can now be pushed around, dealing damage to enemies while it's in motion.

Level 4 - Ice crag can be shattered early with a ranged attack.


(At Level 40)

Damage: 2,459

Movement Speed: 100

Attack Speed: 100

Bond: *may vary*


  • It is the moderators favourite spirit animal--Keith, Lauren and Gavin are known to have one each.
  • The penguin always makes a chirping sound when it comes out of it's dormant state.
  • According to the online players, it is the least popular spirit animal.
  • The penguin does the least damage.


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