Erdas is the world in which the books are set in. It is roughly based off of Earth.


Like Earth, Erdas is made up of seven continents:

  • Map of Erdas in Fall of the Beasts

    Stetriol ("The Lost Lands") (Australia and Indonesia)
  • Arctica (Antarctica, Arctic Circle).


In Wild Born, Rollan mentioned that Meilin spoke the 'Common' language. Each continent has their own languages (and many sub-languages, presumably) but 'Common' is most likely a language that is taught to the majority of people over all of the continents, similar to English in the real world. The languages of Erdas were rarely touched upon until Immortal Guardians and the books thereafter, where several characters spoke their native languages. Rollan also taught Abeke some Amayan hand signals and their meanings.


Erdas' regions from the French website

  • Stetriol was formerly under Conqueror control
  • Zhong had fallen to the Conquerors during the war before falling into the reign of Princess Song after the Wyrm was defeated. It is now unknown who rules Zhong as we were not informed after Song presumably drowns in The Dragon's Eye.
  • In the game, Nilo has lands resembling both Egypt and Southern Africa, accurately proving it is based on Africa. Zhong's lands look like Chinese fortresses, Eura's maps look like mountainous plains and Amaya has maps resembling both the Northern United States (North America) and rainforests with Aztec structures (South America and possibly Mexico).
  • Like the Americas, Amaya is known as 'The New Lands'.
  • Nilo's name may be based off of the Nile River, the longest river in Africa, and is an anagram of an animal found in it: lion.
  • Zhong is based off of China's Chinese name, 中国, which in pinyin is zhong guo.
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