Eric Trunswick, usually referred to as simply the Earl of Trunswick, is Dawson and Devin's father, and the former Earl of Trunswick.


The Earl looks exactly like Devin, only with a neatly trimmed beard.[2] He is said to be a very cruel and unfair man. Devin comments in Tales of the Fallen Beasts that he got most of his bully-like traits from his father, and later, in the same book, townspeople in Trunswick start a revolt due to how much they resent the Earl and his cruelty.

In the Books

Wild Born

At Devin and Conor's Nectar Ceremony, the Earl witnesses his son's failure to call a spirit animal, and looks at him disapprovingly.


The Earl’s younger son, Dawson Trunswick, helps Conor’s mother write a letter to Conor. The letter may or may not be true, as Conor’s mother *may have been* in the Howling House.

When the Four Fallen, along with Finn Cooley, fight along with the Greencloak supporters in Trunswick, the Earl captures Finn Cooley and forces the Greencloaks and their supporters to drop their weapons. His younger son, Dawson Trunswick, then sends in a flaming wheelbarrow, forcing the Earl to release him.

At around the end of the book, Dawson Trunswick gives a letter to Conor and apologizes on behalf of his father, the Earl.

Tales of the Fallen Beasts

When Devin enters Trunswick and reunited with Dawson, the Earl enters the room and orders Devin to leave the town. Dawson tells his father that he wanted Devin to stay, but Devin ends up offending his brother and is kicked out anyways. Later, Devin walks in on the Earl having dinner with Zerif in the Trunswick Manor. It is revealed that the Earl is broke due to his failures in Hunted.


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