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But Great Beasts have also never caused such harm in the world. Our calling has ever been to protect and preserve Erdas, to seek balance, to limit tragedy- not to plunge the world into chaos.

–Essix, Tales of the Great Beasts

Essix is a gyrfalcon Great Beast, and Rollan's spirit animal. She is one of the Four Fallen, and the patron beast of the continent of Amaya.


Essix is a brown morph gyrfalcon[1] (although sometimes just simply referred to as a falcon), with speckles on her breast and amber eyes. She is one of the Great Beasts, and was summoned by Rollan. She is the last spirit animal out of the four to be introduced; thanks to her ability to notice even the smallest detail, she is called Deepseer. She is a free and independent bird that doesn't come to Rollan when called, unless it's necessary or if she wants to. Other characters often trust Essix's powers to see if someone is what they seem.


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Essix's talisman is the Copper Falcon. It strengthens the user's eyesight. In the game, it gives you 20% ranged attack (bow) damage.

In the Books[]

Wild Born[]

Essix is summoned by Rollan unexpectedly while he was in jail. Almost immediately after, Zerif introduces himself to Rollan and pays his bail. Essix and Rollan leave with Zerif, but Rollan suspects that Zerif was not who he seemed. He distracts the man and makes a run for it, successfully escaping with the help of Olvan's sudden appearance. Olvan takes Rollan and Essix to Greenhaven, where they are introduced to the other Four Fallen (minus Uraza). Rollan soon learns that Essix is very independent and refuses to listen to his commands, but she also enhances his intuition and agility.


When Rollan and Conor are imprisoned in Trunswick, Essix is left out of dormant form and finds the rest of the group, and they realize something bad has happened to Rollan and Conor.

Blood Ties[]

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Fire and Ice[]

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Against the Tide[]

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Rise and Fall[]

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The Evertree[]

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Immortal Guardians[]

Before this book, Essix is sent to deliver a message to Meilin in Zhong. Meilin notes that Essix looks tired and annoyed.

Broken Ground[]

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The Return[]

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The Burning Tide[]

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Heart of the Land[]

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The Wildcat’s Claw[]

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The Dragon’s Eye[]

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Rollan and Essix are both loners at heart, and from the from the start Essix wouldn't listen to most of her summoner's commands. However Essix would not abandon him right times in danger and stays close to him when it is necessary, showing that she cares about him. She seems to like giving Rollan a hard time, but does so affectionately. She also enhances Rollan's vision and intuition when close. While traveling through Arctica in Fire and Ice, Essix steals a piece of jerky from Rollan's hands, and feeds it to him like he was a baby bird. Rollan often longs to be physically close to Essix throughout this book, but respects that his spirit animal is independent by nature. When the group frees Suka, Essix is transformed into Great Essix with a talisman and carries Rollan through the air. During that time they grow a closer bond, and by the end of the book Essix finally adopts her dormant form; a tattoo over his heart.


Essix and Cabaro seem to have a small rivalry, as shown in Tales of the Great Beasts, when they throw insults at each other.



  • A Unique weapon in the game is the Copper Sword of Essix.
  • Essix is a brown morph gyrfalcon, as confirmed in the books, but in her cover art she appears to look more like a peregrine falcon. She is also missing the speckles on her breast in all books but Heart of the Land.


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