Eura is a region in Erdas that resembles Europe in culture as well as appearance.


Eura has many moors and grassy hills, and is home to many shepherds. Eura's patron beast is Briggan the Wolf, and it is also ruled by a queen. It appears to resemble Europe, most noticeably The United Kingdom and Scandinavia. It is bordered to the east by Zhong, and Greenhaven is also sometimes considered a part of Eura.

Unlike Zhong, Eura's Nectar Ceremonies have the most important summoner go first. There is also a holiday celebration in Eura called the Spring Festival.

Town, Cities, and Landmarks

Notable Characters from Eura

  • Conor: a main protagonist in the series, and the summoner of Briggan.
  • The Trunswick Family: the rulers of Trunswick. Devin Trunswick plays a large role as both an antagonist and a protagonist, along with his brother, Dawson Trunswick, who also summons Rumfuss the Boar.
  • Finn Cooley: an Euran Greencloak who accompanies the team in Hunted. He is revealed to be involved in one of Eura's legends, due to being bonded to a black wildcat.
  • Lord MacDonnell: the lord of Glengavin, who housed Rumfuss in his garden.
  • Maya: another Euran Greencloak who accompanies the team in Fire and Ice.
  • Katalin: the first Euran Greencloak.
  • Wilco: an ancient Euran hero, and the wielder of The Wildcat's Claw.


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