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General Gar is the summoner of Renneg the wolverine and the uncle of Shane and Drina. He was also the temporary regent of Stetriol in place of Shane.

He took the title The Devourer to hide the identity of his nephew. Additionally, he and Shane swapped spirit animals. This ruse fooled The Greencloaks until Gar and Renneg were killed in Rise and Fall.


General Gar is a man with a craggy face and jutting chin. He has heavy eyebrows and dark eyes.[1] Under his spiked mask, he has silver-and-brown hair.

In the Books

The Book of Shane

Gar appears throughout Venom, holding a trial for Zerif and later announcing to the Stetriolans that he will rebuild Stetriol's fleet. Shane describes his uncle as a cruel man, and seemed paranoid that Gar wanted the throne.

He is later mentioned in Vendetta in one of Shane's dreams. Though Shane sees Renneg, he hears Gar's voice as his uncle tells him that cruelty was his nature.

Wild Born

After Abeke summons Uraza the Leopard, Zerif comes and takes her away to an island in the Amayan bay. Later she meets General Gar and goes with him, Zerif, and Shane for the Granite Ram.

Blood Ties

He leads the Conquerers against Dinesh the Elephant and the rhino riders. Grahv, thought to be Gar's spirit animal at the time, kills General Teng in front of Meilin.

Rise and Fall

In a Conqueror raid on Cabaro the Lion's oasis, Gar accompanies Gerathon the Serpent when they corner Rollan and Tarik against a huge boulder. Gar advances on them, recognizing Tarik and saying that he'd have liked to battle him someday. He attempts to strike Tarik with his sword, but is stopped by Essix and Lumeo. In the time that he was being attacked, Rollan escapes using the Coral Octopus. On the other side of the boulder, Rollan listens to Gar fighting Tarik and Lumeo. He hears a cry from Lumeo, and then runs for his life.

Soon later, a sand avalanche powered by Irtike completely covers the oasis. Gar and Gerathon, along with Tarik and Lumeo's bodies, are caught in the slide; Gar was killed by Lumeo. Conor, Irtike, and Rollan find Tarik and Lumeo's body in the sand, and bury them. They then find Gar's body on accident, and when Conor kicks it, they find a dead Renneg underneath. This revealed that Gar is not the true Devourer.



Shane would often accuse his uncle Gar of stealing the title of 'The Devourer' from him, as they are both technically heirs to King Irwyn. Shane doesn't like taking orders from his uncle. In the Book of Shane #2, Shane encounters Renneg in a dream but the wolverine starts to talk in Gar's voice. Gar tells Shane that he always knew he hated him for his nature of being violent and cruel. Shane apologizes and tells him that he never meant to hurt him. But Gar answers that he hurt him anyway, and that was Shane's nature.


Drina is Gar's neice. In Rise and Fall, when he told Drina to extend her arm so that Iskos could bite and kill her because she did not retrieve the keeper's talismans, he tells her that this was the only punishment "even for you"; which could have hinted that he cared for her, but not enough to save her from her punishment.


  • Renneg would most likely enhance his powers of combat, due to a wolverine's battle hunger nature.
  • "Gar" is an English name meaning "spear".


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