General Teng is one of the Five High Commanders in all of Zhong. He was exceedingly rich, and was the father of his only daughter, Meilin.

In the Books

Wild Born

General Teng told his daughter, Meilin, that she would undoubtedly summon a spirit animal because he consulted someone. Once she summoned Jhi, he sent her away with the Greencloaks to help save Erdas in a hurry due to The Siege of Jano Rion.

Blood Ties

Xue takes Meilin to see the people who are fighting the Conquerors in Zhong. When the soldiers realize who Meilin is, they take her to her father. Meilin gets into an argument with him, saying she wants to stay and fight for Zhong. Her father is strictly against it, stating her purpose is to be with the other children who summoned the Fallen, and he didn't need her here. She said her goodbyes, and left. In the battle for Dinesh, after Rollan puts the talisman back and Dinesh tells him they are now friends, General Teng and his army arrive alongside the Rhino Riders to battle. He saluted Meilin and went into the fight. As Meilin almost got snapped by a crocodile, her father attacked it and ordered her back, it nearly attacked him, and Xue forced Meilin back. He fought against the croc until he slipped, and got up a little too slowly. He was instantly caught in the reptile's ferocious jaws. As he was dying, he told Meilin he was proud of her, and tried to warn her about the Bile.

Against the Tide

He was only mentioned by Meilin saying that her father one day wanted to travel all around Erdas but and Meilin thought “and now he never will."


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