Glengavin is a small town in northern Eura. In the middle of The Evertree, it is mentioned to have been overrun by Conquerors. But now that the Conquerors have surrendered, it is possible that they have left Glengavin.


Lord MacDonnel does not like war, so he creates rules to keep everyone at bay. Usually, his rules seem unfair or ridiculous. MacDonnel warmly welcomes all heroes; he also invites Devin Trunswick in without knowing that he was a fake. Finn Cooley decides to stay in Glengavin after he finds out he is able to take Donn out of his passive state.

People born in Glengavin usually have surnames that start with 'Mac' and then their father's name. For example, Conor's surname would have been 'MacFenray'.


The Glengavin castle has a huge garden where Rumfuss the boar lived until he was set free in Hunted. The walls of the garden are higher than Rumfuss' head. MacDonnel's hare also lived in the gardens before returning to him.


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