Gransfen the Giant was an ancient Euran warrior who defended his nation with his spirit animal, Wilco, at his side. Gransfen was the original wielder of the Wildcat's Claw.


Gransfen is described as being tall and thickly built, with arms as thick as tree trunks. The bearded warrior donned the fur of a wild stag, which covered his shoulders, legs, and torso. Additionally, Gransfen wore a metal helmet adorned with two ivory tusks.


The ancient warrior hailed near the shores of Artica. His road to fame started when the Crimson Raiders, a group of warriors, attacked and pillaged his village.The leader of the Crimson Raiders demanded loyalty and made the villagers hand over their firstborn sons, threatening for destruction if they failed to do so.

Gransfen, then a sickly and scrawny boy, was banished into the wilderness (without any food or clothing) to die, as an example of the Crimson Raider's cruel promises. However, Gransfen made his epic return three weeks later on the back of Wilco, his newly-found spirit animal. Together, the pair freed the village and dedicated the rest of their lives to fighting anyone who dared to threaten ancient Eura.

Discovery of Bond Tokens

Led by Wilco, Gransfen found Suka the Great Polar Bear. Evidently, he wished to have Suka's crystal polar bear "turned over" to him. But, alternatively, Suka informed him of bond tokens and the immense power, but also the immense danger, to them. It was with this knowledge that Gransfen forged his own bond token, the Wildcat's Claw.


Gransfen loved his spirit animal with all his heart and was devastated when she died, saying that he "was never the same without her. My heart shattered like ice against rock. . . I hoped that death would ease my pain. It has not." They were a legendary pair, without a shred of doubt between them, and held remarkable power.

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