The Great Bamboo Maze is several miles long and wide. It is one of the famous landmarks of Zhong, along with the Great Wall of Jano Rion. It is located somewhere around Pharsit Nang and Xin Kao Dai. Meilin travels across it in book three Blood Ties, to try and find her father. Every million years it is told that the maze will grow flowers, and when the flowers fall the maze starts to die. Meilin notices this on her 5th day in the maze, along with rats at night eating the flowers that fell. Then Meilin finds Xue, who shares a warm meal with her and tells her she entered the wrong end of the maze and got lost. After a week or so Meilin reaches the end of the maze when she listens and lets Jhi help her through the maze. This maze probably resembles the the bamboo forest in Asia, however this maze has no mentioned wild life inside. It is also told that no one else had survived through the maze.


  • This is only mentioned in Blood Ties, Tales of the Four Fallen and possibly Hunted.
  • Meilin, Yin and Yu are probably the only people to survive getting lost in this maze.
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