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This list is a work in progress.

General Rules[]

♦ Be respectful
Don't intentionally start fights, don't make inappropriate jokes(racist, sexist, homophobic, etc), don't use swears or offensive slurs, and don't be mean to other users.
♦ Keep everything PG
Keep in mind that Spirit Animals is a childrens' series. Anything with adult content, excessive violence/gore, or strong profanity will not be tolerated.


♦ No spam
Please refrain from posting blackmail, spamming excessive emojis or shouting in capital letters in the comment sections.
♦ Speculations are welcome
You are welcome to talk about the books, characters, or any theories you have in the comment sections. However, do not bash or make negative statements targeted at somebody. If you disagree with a comment, reply with respect and evidence of your own.
♦ Warn for spoilers
If you wish to discuss a topic that may include a spoiler for newer books, please state so, or simply use the Spoiler template. (Type {{Spoiler}} to add the template to your comment.)
♦ Refrain from asking too many personal questions.
Some people may not wish to disclose personal information (age, whereabouts, etc) on the internet, so it would be best not to pressure them for information or ask too many personal questions. Be respectful of other people’s privacy. Also do not answer these question specifically if you are the one being asked.


♦ Do not vandalize
If you start editing pages destructively, you will immediately be banned. This includes replacing words with profanities or completely erasing pages. If you have made a mistake and are unsure how to fix it, contact an admin via their talk page.
♦ Do not create new categories without first contacting an admin.
If you have an idea for a new category, please refrain from creating one without first contacting an admin about it.