Arrival of the Wyrm

Early-on in Erdas's history, an extraterrestrial being called The Wyrm fell towards Erdas, crashing into and damaging The Evertree, the source of all life. Almost all fauna was killed by the Wyrm's impact as well, leaving only fifteen animals. These animals become the Great Beasts. The Wyrm becomes trapped underneath the Evertree, in the land that becomes Sadre. The Hellans, an ancient group of people that populate the underground, are visited by Kovo the Ape, and a trap is developed in case the Wyrm were to ever escape.

First Devourer War

The First Devourer War happens many decades later. Kovo the Ape and Gerathon the Serpent devise a plan to rule over Erdas. In order to carry out this plan they manipulate the king of Stetriol, King Feliandor. Feliandor drinks a substance called the Bile to force a bond with a saltwater crocodile, and then raises an army named The Conquerors, who begin to ravage Erdas. However, an organization named The Greencloaks rises up against the Conquerors and defeats them, at the cost of the Four Fallen (Briggan the Wolf, Uraza the Leopard, Jhi the Panda, and Essix the Falcon's) lives. After the war is over, the Greencloaks destroy Stetriol's fleets, remove the continent from Erdas's maps, and deny them access to the Nectar of Ninani. Meanwhile, the leader of the Great Beasts, Tellun the Elk, imprisons Kovo and Gerathon for their crimes.

Second Devourer War

The Second Devourer War is started by Shane, the prince of Stetriol and Feliandor's descendent. Shane discovers the Greencloaks' actions against Stetriol, and decides to echo the actions of Feliandor, bonding to a saltwater crocodile and commanding the Conquerors to ravage Erdas once again. However, Shane keeps his identity hidden, and instead General Gar poses as the leader of the Conquerors ('The Reptile King'). At the same time, the Four Fallen are summoned as spirit animals by Conor, Abeke, Meilin, and Rollan.

The Conquerors' goal is to conquer Erdas and free Kovo and Gerathon from their prisons. They succeed in freeing both Great Beasts, however Shane realizes he had been manipulated by Kovo and turns against him. In result, the Greencloaks are able to win the war once again.

Post-Devourer Wars

After the Second Devourer War, Erdas begins to rebuild. The Conquerors scatter, and Shane is outcasted from Stetriol, leaving the continent without a leader. Soon after, it is discovered that the Wyrm is breaking free from its prison.

Wyrm War

Zerif, controlled by the Wyrm, begins spreading Wyrm parasites, which sever the victim's spirit animal bond and enslave them to the Wyrm. Conor is infected by one. Meilin, Conor, Takoda, and their spirit animals travel into Sadre to investigate underneath the Evertree. There they are met by the Sadreans - residents of the underground - and several strange monsters, including grotesque humanoid creatures called The Many, who are later revealed to have been sentinent Sadreans at some point. The group learns about the ancient Hellans and their Wyrm trap, though much of the culture’s history had been lost.

Meanwhile, Abeke and Rollan are tasked to find the newly-summoned Great Beasts and bring them to safety before Zerif can reach and enslave them. They first find the summoner of Tellun the Elk, but Zerif is not far behind them. Though Tellun is taken, a masked figure stops Zerif before he can enslave Uraza and Essix as well. Next, Rollan and Abeke seek out the summoners of Ninani the Swan and Cabaro the Lion, while also frequently crossing paths with masked figures in red cloaks. This group of people is revealed to be called The Redcloaks and their leader is Shane disguised under the name “King”. Additionally, the organization is made up of former Conquerors who, with the disappearance of the Bile, began “fusing” with their spirit animals. King grew scaly armor on his arms and his eyes became yellow and crocodile-like.

Zerif, now with an arsenal of enslaved Great Beasts and humans by his side, attacks and gains control of Greenhaven. There, he infects every Greencloak present, including Olvan. While in the middle of the rescuing the summoner of Cabaro the Lion in Nilo, Zerif appears once again and manages to enslave Uraza, severing her and Abeke’s bond, leaving Abeke devastated, as having your spirit animal bond severed is extremely painful, both physically and emotionally.

At the Redcloaks’ headquarters - the Place of Desolation, seated nearby active lava flow - a battle is fought versus Zerif and the enslaved Greencloaks. Several Redcloaks are killed, including King himself when he saves Abeke’s life from an enslaved Uraza the Leopard’s attack. In Sadre, Meilin, Conor, and Takoda succeed in activating the Hellan trap. The trap essentially tampers with the magnetic pulls on the world’s axis, and reverses the bonds between spirit animals and their partners. Zerif, who had been in control of the Wyrm up until that point, found himself at the mercy of the beast, who corrupts him. Zerif then makes the decision to throw himself into a pit of lava, killing himself and the Wyrm simultaneously. The effects of the Hellan trap wear off.

Afterwards, Abeke is able to reunite with Uraza, and the Redcloaks continue operations under a new leader: Stead. The Greencloaks regain conciousness, but now they must face the consequences of the atrocities they committed while enslaved.

The Oathbound

Following the defeat of the Wyrm, Erdas’s leaders decide to meet to discuss the fate of the Greencloaks. Among these leaders is Princess Song of Zhong, who is affiliated with an organization called The Oathbound, who obviously want the Greencloaks to be punished, if not disbanded permanately. At the world meeting, which the Four Fallen attend, the Emperor of Zhong is assassinated by Greencloak imposters, further worsening the Greencloaks’ image. Before he is brought into custody by the Oathbound, Olvan tells the Four Fallen to seek out four legendary treasures, as the Oathbound are also looking for them and wish to use them against the Greencloaks. Not long after the group leaves the scene, a Greencloak named Anka offers to accompany them, and is accepted.

The group first heads to Amaya to find the Heart of the Land (object), which is an amulet capable of manipulating the earth. It is used to escape pursuit of the Oathbound general named Wikam. Next, the group encounters Worthy (Devin Trunswick), who accompanies them to find The Wildcat's Claw (object) in Eura, which is a sword capable of producing flames. This time they are cornered by an Oathbound named Cordelia in a cave. Worthy causes a cave-in in order to sacrifice both him and Cordelia simultaneously, however both of them survive, and Cordelia is able to acquire the Wildcat’s Claw.

Next, the group heads to Nilo to find the Stormspeaker (object), a crown that can summon a storm. They find the item with the hell of Takoda and Xanthe, but ultimately it is taken by an Oathbound named Sid. Anka is also revealed to be the leader of Oathbound in disguise, her real name being Kana.

The final treasure is found in Zhong. The Four Fallen, who had been taken prisoner by Kana and her Oathbound, are sent to the palace of Princess Song, who is now the Empress of Zhong following the death of her father. Song is revealed to have ordered the death of the Emperor herself, because he had treated her horribly throughout her life, which also resulted in Song abusing her own spirit animal, a water dragon named Seaspray. Because she believes Seaspray is unacceptable, Song wants The Dragon's Eye (object) to make him great. At the same time, she is also caught in having delusions about her deceased father and the concern of Kana, who is her closest friend. Kana’s advice is ultimately not enough to save Song’s judgement, and the young Empress meets her demise in a tsunami she made herself using the Dragon’s Eye. Seaspray and several other Oathbound are killed in the storm as well, the others being put into custody.

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