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Howl is one of The Redcloaks. He wears a coyote mask with a snout.[1] His real identity is unknown.

Book Appearances[]

Broken Ground[]

He is seen with Shadow and Stead spying on Tasha.[2] They are standing on a rooftop, and Howl struggles to stay still. He keeps adjusting his footing. By the third time, he slips, knocking a tile loose. He manages to save himself, but Shadow has to catch the falling tile. Shadow calls him an idiot to which he responds, "We weren't all meant for scaling buildings."[3] He wants to argue with Shadow, but Stead stops him. At the end of the chapter, when Tasha returns home with Ninani, he, Shadow, and Stead leave the rooftop.


  • In Broken Ground, he is described as being a great fighter on land, but uncomfortable with heights[4], suggesting he has acrophobia, or a fear of heights.


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