[Devin] raised the flask to his lips and gulped down the Bile.
It was like drinking death itself. But within that blackness, he felt something vast and strong and dark.

–Book Quote, (from Chapter 1: Bile)

Hunted is the second book in the series, written by Maggie Stiefvater. Conor, Briggan, Devin, and Elda are depicted on the cover.

Official Summary

The adventure continues in this second book of the epic multiplatform fantasy series. In the world of Erdas, only a rare few are able to summon a spirit animal in the way Conor, Abeke, Meilin, and Rollan have. The bond they share with their animals is a partnership that allows them to access more-than-human abilities.

But what if there was another way to create a spirit animal--to force the bond, giving the human partner total control? And what if someone with selfish intensions was offered this gift . . . with a catch?

The four young heroes have barely had time to come together as a team, and their own spirit animal bonds are still greatly untested. But now they face a brutal confrontation against an enemy who will break any rule to defeat them.


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In the prologue, Devin Trunswick is given the Bile by Zerif. Devin visualizes to himself about how having a spirit animal would make him a legend.

In Greenhaven, Abeke is making her way to the training room when Uraza sidetracks her. She comes upon a room full of mirrors, and has a glimpse of a man with tattoos standing inside. She then finally makes it to the training room, late. Rollan and Meilin look at her disapprovingly. In the training session overlooked by Tarik, the children are taught how to defend themselves with everyday things such as brooms, handkerchiefs, pans, lamps, vases, and spoons. Abeke spars with a young Greencloak named Errol, managing to beat him with Uraza's help. After that round, the kids are supposed to take a new weapon. When Abeke is surrounded by the assistant Greencloaks, Tarik calls the fighting off and scolds the other kids for not helping Abeke. Conor is the only one to look ashamed and helps Abeke up, as she realizes that the other kids don't trust her, due to her previous time with the Conquerors.

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Olvan enters the room, informing the group of their new mission in Eura. He introduces Finn, a senior Greencloak who would be their scout on the mission. Abeke recognizes Finn as the tattooed man she had seen earlier. Tarik is skeptical of bringing Finn along, but does not question it. Later, the group receives news that Meilin's father, General Teng, has gone missing. Meilin is upset about this news and questions why she even joined the Greencloaks in the first place, and storms away, but she is stopped by Finn. Finn convinces her to let him show her something, and takes her to Moon Tower. Finn explains that he has a difficult bond with spirit animal and that coming to Moon Tower had helped him. With Finn's influence, Meilin begins to explore Jhi's powers, and decides to stay with the Greencloaks.

The group is on-board a ship to Eura, where Rollan is looking out at the sea and feeling seasick. Abeke finds him and told him that the waves were a whale's bumpy back poking up and diving under repeatedly. Rollan, since they were alone, asked Abeke how she knew that. Abeke awkwardly said that with the Conquerors' ship, she saw the same waves. Rollan, not very smoothly, asked if she had any inside information about the Conquerors, and she said not much. While talking about their Nectar ceremonies, Rollan realized that Abeke was the first person he un-teasingly told about his strange Nectar ceremony.

Once they reached land, Rollan was riding on a rude horse and working on getting smiles out of Meilin, whom he described as the "snotty general's daughter". Abeke thought that perhaps his horse was jealous of his and Essix's bond. While riding, an animal jumps and attacks Tarik; and with the help of Essix's intuition, Rollan realizes that they were being ambushed by Conquerors. He tries to tell his horse to get closer to the battle, but the horse rears twice and flings him off, then runs off. Rollan runs to Tarik and tries to warn him about a Conqueror's snake, but the snake bites him in the arm, and Essix swoops in to blind the attacking Conqueror before he can kill Tarik. Rollan grabs the sword the Conqueror dropped and holds him at swordpoint. After the Conquerors are chased off, he then turns his attention to Tarik, who tells him and Conor that the snakebite was venomous. They realize that Finn, Meilin, and Abeke had disappeared, but decide that helping Tarik was more important, so they head to a Greencloak's house that was nearby. Rollan and Conor go alone to Trunswick, only to be captured and put in the Howling House. They are rescued by Meilin, Abeke, and Finn, who were in the town to spy on Zerif, and proceed to battle Conquerors in the courtyard. They escape successfully thanks to Dawson Trunswick, and proceed to the next location, Glengavin, where Finn believes Rumfuss the Boar will be.

In Glengavin, the group is introduced to Lord MacDonnell, the lord of his castle. Glengavin also happens to have a large garden. After a feast, the group is given a place to sleep. In the middle of the night, Abeke and Uraza sneak out of their room to investigate a sound Abeke heard. It turns out to be Devin Trunswick and Karmo, two false legends recruited by Zerif.




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