Ingailor is an elderly Sadrean man. He is one of the elders of Phos Astos, a city in Sadre.


Ingailor is a tall man with pale skin and white-blonde hair. He has a patch over one of his eyes.[1]

In the Books

Immortal Guardians

Ingailor first appears when Xanthe introduces him to Conor, Meilin, and Takoda. He welcomes the upsiders, questioning them if they were sent here, and if they had the weapon that would defeat The Wyrm. Conor responds that they don't know what he is talking about. The Sadrean people are devastated, but Ingailor helps calm them. Later, he shows the upsiders their water mechanic that flushes out The Many if they were to attack the city. Not long after, a horde of the Many appears. Ingailor and Meilin help turn one wheel on the mechanic, and the Many are washed away. Like the rest of the Sadreans, Ingailor is awed at the sight of Kovo.

During the night, before the Sadreans had enough time to reset the water mechanic, the Many raid the city once again. By the time Meilin wakes up and joins the battle, Phos Astos is too destroyed to ever rebuild. Ingailor fights alongside Xanthe; when one of the Many tries to pull Xanthe into the horde, Ingailor rips it off of her and falls into the horde instead. He dies saving Xanthe's life.


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