Irtike is a young Niloan girl and the daughter of Chinwe.


Irtike has a thin face and braided hair.[1]

In the Books

Rise and Fall

Irtike is first introduced by nearly killing Rollan when The Greencloaks arrive in the village of Pojalo, Abeke's father and the recent leader of the village because of the invasion of Conquerors. She is weary of them until Conor says they know Abeke and they need to speak to the tribe leader and Chinwe the Greencloak about Cabaro's location. She tells them that Chinwe (her mother) is dead and leads them to Pojalo's large hut to speak with him. Pojalo is upset because he believes the Greencloaks are responsible for taking Abeke but he really has no interest in knowing how she is really doing. Unfortunately, getting nowhere with him or Soama a lion eventually enters the room as it mindlessly tries to find a way through the room as it journeys south to find Cabaro. The lion becomes confused and attacks. Briggan and Essix thwart the lions attack and send it on a different path. A little in awe and frustrated with Pojalo and Soama the Greencloaks leave. Irtike yearns to go with them to avenge her mother Chinwe but Tarik doesn't believe she should tag along. Soon she manages to find them because of Rollan shrieking as the Greencloaks were merely trampled by baboons also heading south in search of Cabaro. She ignored Tarik's warning and tags along any way, revealing that her assistance could come through the abilities of her naked-mole rat spirit animal that allows her to manipulate Earth and detect disturbances in the ground. She proves to be very helpful and helps them find Cabaro and sense Conquerors. At the end of the battle in the oasis she agrees to become a Greencloak in honor of her mother but continues to reside in Nilo.


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