Jano Rion on the map of Zhong, surrounded by its wall.

Jano Rion is a city in Zhong, being one of the most well-known cities in the region. It is also where Meilin and her father General Teng were born.


Jano Rion would appear to specifically resemble China, because it is surrounded by a great stone wall that protects it, being a well known Zhongese city.

In The Books

Wild Born

When Meilin is preparing for her Nectar Ceremony, she is informed by General Chin that the wall is being attacked by Conquerors, and to get to her Nectar Ceremony quickly before the alarms go off and alert the city. At her ceremony Lenori is interrupted by the sound of alarms after Meilin summons Jhi. As she is being swept away by The Greencloaks she sees the great stone wall being burned.


Meilin only references that she would have to cross the Great Bamboo Maze to reach the wall and enter Jano Rion, also stating the city has extra protection being partly guarded by the Great Maze.

Blood Ties

As Meilin starts her way to the wall after a night with Xue, finds her way to Jano Rion and fights guards at the wall. She says that she is General Teng's daughter, and is escorted to him by the guards.

Immortal Guardians

In the beginning of the book Meilin states that Jano Rion was being rebuilt after it was devastated in the war.

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