Jhi is a panda Great Beast, and Meilin's spirit animal. She is one of the Four Fallen, and the patron beast for the continent of Zhong.


Jhi was one of the Four Fallen Great Beasts. She has silver eyes, and is known for her kind, docile personality. However, she can also be ferocious when she decides to be: this was shown in The Evertree when she fought Kovo the Ape. She was killed in the first war against the The Devourer while helping the Greencloaks and lost her talisman. A prophecy was then made predicting the Four Fallen's return. When Meilin summoned her back into Erdas as her spirit animal in Zhong, the prophecy was fulfilled. She has the ability to heal most wounds and make peace, so she is known as the Peacefinder and Healthbringer. Jhi also helps Meilin think and consider all of her options when called upon.


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Jhi's talisman is the Bamboo Panda. It increases the user's body's resistance to damage.

In the Books

Wild Born

Jhi is summoned by Meilin by the Bile (although everyone believed that she had drank the Nectar at the time.) At first Meilin is disappointed, as Jhi is a peaceful animal and Meilin wanted an animal with amazing combat abilities. For most of the book Meilin resents Jhi, but she does appreciate the panda's healing abilities. Jhi goes into dormant state almost immediately due to the Bile.


With the help of Finn, Meilin learns to trust Jhi much more and utilize her decision-making abilities.

Blood Ties

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Fire and Ice

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Against the Tide

Rise and Fall

The Evertree

Immortal Guardians

Jhi, along with the rest of the Great Beasts, fight Kovo at the Evertree. Briggan and Conor subdue the ape, and then Jhi shows her "warrior" side by facing Kovo ferociously and forces him to sacrifice himself.



On her Bonding Day, Meilin drank the Bile without knowing and summoned Jhi, one of the Fallen and a Great Beast. But far from being pleased, Meilin, expecting to call an animal whose expertise is fighting, was very disappointed and shocked to have called the gentle panda. Through most of the first book, she tries to tolerate Jhi, but many times flares up when the panda won't be nearly as war-like as she had hoped. Later, in a dream, Jhi approaches her and apologizes for disappointing her, causing Meilin to realize that her fighting spirit and the panda's gently healing nature compliment each other, and she starts to form a stronger bond and accept the each other's differences; Meilin soon starts to receive powers from Jhi. In Against the Tide, Meilin worries when Jhi disappears on Nightshade Island, and even kisses the panda on the forehead when she returns. When Meilin realizes her and Jhi's bond was forced by the Bile, she is devastated and wonders if Jhi felt trapped the whole time.



  • A Unique Weapon in the Spirit Animals game is called the Bamboo Staff of Jhi.
  • Jhi is, with Mulop and Uraza, the only Great Beast to have a talisman which is not made with a metal or a rock.


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