Jools is a brown bear, and Barlow's spirit animal.

In the Books

Wild Born

Barlow was described by Conor to look like a perfect match for a bear, so naturally it was no surprise Jools was his spirit animal. Jools is shown to be very intimidating, as throughout the book Barlow summons Jools and ends up beating a lot of Conqueror animals. He was very large and Meilin was even jealous of the bear since he was way taller than Jhi. In the confrontation with The Ravens, Barlow states Jools is very hard to beat in a battle against spirit animals. In the battle with Arax, Jools is pushed off of a mountain to his death, but before he hit the ground, he gave Barlow a last, ludicrous burst of strength, and Barlow was able to lift Arax and push him off of the cliff to save Abeke.

A brown bear


  • Jools may be a mix of the words drool and jaws
    • Jools may have also been a word play on the word Joules, a unit of energy or work, as a reference on the bear's incredible strength.
    • Jools is also an English name meaning "downy-bearded", which implies youth
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