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Kalani is a Greencloak and the young queen of the Hundred Isles.




Kalani is a tall, dark-skinned girl with long black hair and brown eyes. She wears green stone earrings and has a silver ring piercing in her eyebrow. Her black dolphin tattoo is surrounded by hundreds of other green tattoos she has.[2] She also wears a green cloak woven from seaweed.[3]The cloak is most likely something she made herself. She is said to be even taller than Tarik.

In the Books[]

Against the Tide[]

Kalani first appears to help the Four Fallen and Tarik fight off a Conqueror ship because she witnessed Meilin aiding the whales pulling the Tellun's Pride. When the Greencloaks reach the Hundred Isles and explain that they need to find Mulop, Kalani leads them to Tangaroa. When the wise man mentions Nightshade Island, she’s horrified by the mention of it, since it is Tapu. She refuses to hear anything more about it, but does agree to go to Sunlight Island.

The Evertree[]

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Tales of the Fallen Beasts[]

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When Rollan, Meilin, and Tarik sail to Nightshade Island (an island that Kalani's people consider "tapu" or cursed), Kalani avoids them when they return because of her people's belief. In The Evertree, Kalani still avoids and tries not to acknowledge Rollan. In The Evertree, Rollan confronts her about it, telling her that they couldn't get through this journey without trusting each other. Kalani finally starts to talk to him again, and Rollan is the first person she told about the poisonous Stetriolan waters and that it was making the rockback whales, who were pulling their ship, sick.




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