Karmo is a Niloan boy and a former Conqueror. In the second series, he joins the Redcloaks under the name Jolt.


Karmo was born in a village in Nilo that had never had a Rain Dancer, which resulted in the village having no respect from other Niloan villages. Karmo, hoping to become the next Rain Dancer, drank the Bile and summoned Impundulu the Hamerkop. Karmo was one of the four kids who were supposed to be "legends" and were recruited by Zerif. He never particularly liked Zerif or the other kids, considering Devin a bully, Tahlia dangerous, and Ana a thief. During most of the war Karmo was stuck in Glengavin's prison with Devin. After the war, his bile bond faded and he was kicked out of his own village when he tried to return. Sometime after this he joined the "New Conquerors" and became a pirate. Soon after he meets and befriends Shane, who recruits him to the Redcloaks.

He has the ability to create electricity due to his spirit animal, a Hamerkop, being associated with storms. He uses this power in combat. However, as revealed in the Book of Shane, he cannot get wet because of this.

His Redcloak name is Jolt, as revealed in The Burning Tide, the name probably drawing inspiration from his spirit animal's lightning powers.


Karmo is a handsome dark-skinned boy.[1] He is also very tall, as he is as tall as Zerif.

In the Books


Karmo is first seen when Conor is running away from guards in Trunswick. Impundulu blocks Conor's path, and Karmo states that his hammerkop has a short temper. After Rollan and Conor are captured, Meilin, Abeke, and Finn see Karmo eating with the other impostors and Zerif. Later on, Karmo and Devin arrive in Glengavin in the morning. They kidnap Abeke later on in the middle of the night and try to take Rumfuss' talisman the next day. The Greencloaks win the battle, and Karmo and Devin are both imprisoned.

The Book of Shane

Book 4

Karmo is a member of the "New Conquerors", a band of pirates and former Conquerors with no other place to go. Maddox places Karmo with the best warriors once he notices how effective Karmo is in a fight.

He first appears when the band of pirates enters the camp. Shane notices that Karmo is the only one that doesn't seem happy by the praise the pirates were receiving. He also notices that he has a bandage around his arm, which reveals that Karmo also has a Bile bond. Shane realizes that Karmo is a boy he is looking for, and attempts to approach him one night, but Karmo slips away from the camp before he can. Shane follows him into the jungle, and Karmo attacks him. After being punched in the jaw, Shane tells Karmo to stop and introduces himself. Before they can really talk, a man yells at them to halt. Thinking fast, Shane tells Karmo to punch him again, in order for the people to think that it was really Shane who ran away, and that Karmo stopped him. The men believed the story and threw Shane in The Reptile House, where many types of reptiles were kept behind glass panes. Later, Karmo enters the Reptile House and talks with Shane, trying to convince him that they could run away. Shane refuses, and Karmo reveals that Maddox said that he plans to execute Shane tomorrow.

The next morning, Shane is brought to the beach and forced to wear a greencloak. The Reptile Queen reveals herself as Tahlia, and she orders Shane to be thrown to the crocodiles. Karmo is among the crowd of raiders, and when Shane is thrown in the ocean, he attacks the other raiders. Shane manages to escape the crocodile and then faces off against Tahlia. After Tahlia drowns and the raiders all fled, Karmo, Shane, Abhay, and Viktor remain. Karmo asks Shane what they would do next, and Shane replies that they would fight; but this time, they would fight on the right side.

Tales of the Fallen Beasts

Karmo appears in Trunswick, where he finds Devin. Devin greets him with friendliness but Karmo attacks him, wanting revenge on Devin for leaving him in Glengavin. But he stops the assault when Devin apologizes, surprised by his sincerity and they make up. Karmo then tells Devin that Zerif was on his way to Trunswick, and that his brother Dawson was probably in danger because of this. Devin forms a plan that will help them get to Dawson before Zerif does. Karmo thinks the plan is crazy, but he agrees to help anyway.

The plan works, but on the roof of Trunswick's manor, Rumfuss the Boar is stolen away from Dawson by Zerif. Zerif then grabs and drops Devin off of the roof, but he survives. Dawson and Karmo are there to meet Devin, where Karmo offers that they join the Redcloaks since they have nowhere else to go. The three leave Trunswick in flames.


Devin Trunswick

Devin and Karmo were both recruited by Zerif as false legends. Devin thinks of Karmo as a friend, while Karmo is much less friendly towards the Euran boy. However by the end of Tales of the Fallen Beasts, Karmo seems to like Devin more and is impressed when he survives the fall from the Trunswick manor's roof. He tells Devin that he "really knows how to burn a bridge".


  • Abeke thought that Karmo was the type of boy her sister would be 'silly for'.
  • In the Spirit Animals Game, the Rain Dancer class has a lightning ability similar to Karmo's powers.
  • Karmo is the only character to have been a part of three organizations.


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