Katalin is an Euran girl and the protagonist of Briggan's chapter in Tales of the Great Beasts.



In the Books

Tales of the Great Beasts

Katalin appears in Briggan's chapter. She is part of the early Greencloaks, and one of the leaders of the resistance, Adelle, sent her on a quest to Granite Hills to find Briggan.

She was being chased by a Conqueror with a bat spirit animal because she had accidentally stumbled into a Conqueror camp. She hides behind a rock, but the bat finds her, biting her neck. She swats the bat away and her spirit animal, Tero, knocks it to the ground. Katalin puts a rock over the bat's wing to keep it immobilized and starts to walk away, but the bat's partner jumps out. The Conqueror calls out a warning to his ally, Mako, and Katalin runs away towards a nearby river. She, along with Tero, dives into the river, and the Conquerors lose them.


  • "Katalin" is a Hungarian name meaning "pure".
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