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Katalin is an Euran girl and the protagonist of Briggan's chapter in Tales of the Great Beasts.



In the Books[]

Tales of the Great Beasts[]

Katalin appears in Briggan's chapter. She is part of the early Greencloaks, and one of the leaders of the resistance, Adelle, sent her on a quest to Granite Hills to find Briggan.

She was being chased by a Conqueror with a bat spirit animal because she had accidentally stumbled into a Conqueror camp. She hides behind a rock, but the bat finds her, biting her neck. She swats the bat away and her spirit animal, Tero, knocks it to the ground. Katalin puts a rock over the bat's wing to keep it immobilized and starts to walk away, but the bat's partner jumps out. The Conqueror calls out a warning to his ally, Mako, and Katalin runs away towards a nearby river. She, along with Tero, dives into the river, and the Conquerors lose them.


  • "Katalin" is a Hungarian name meaning "pure".