The Keeper is the character you play in the game who also briefly appears in the books. They seem to be a silent protagonist, meaning that you never hear or see them speak in-game. In the game's main storyline, you encounter Drina multiple times while trying to collect the missing Talismans, leading to a final confrontation in Greenhaven, where Drina is defeated. Drina is ultimately killed by Gerathon in Rise and Fall for failing to defeat the Keeper.

In the Cavern Quests, the Keeper teams up with Worthy to rescue his friend Talon from a Conqueror named Maddox. In Broken Ground it is revealed this begins sometime between the beginning of the Four Heroes' quests and Broken Ground.

In the Books

Rise and Fall

The Keeper is mentioned by Shane when he remarks that Drina failed to defeat them.

At the Conqueror meeting, Drina is killed by a controlled Iskos for failing to defeat the Keeper.

The Keeper is also mentioned by Olvan at Tarik's funeral.

Broken Ground

Olvan tells Abeke and Rollan that a Redcloak named Worthy went on a quest with the Keeper not too long ago.

Tales of the Fallen Beasts

The Keeper fights alongside Keith and the Greencloaks, while Keith holds Raisha at swordpoint. Talon names them as the Keeper and wonders if Keith finally learned how to fight.


  • The Keeper will most likely stay mysterious for the reason that they could be any gender, skin color, ect. It's for the player to decide what the Keeper looks like to them.
  • The only descrption in the books of the Keeper is "A young figure resplendent in tellunum armor". (In Tales of the Fallen Beasts)
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