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Keith is the first character that appears in the Spirit Animals game and occasionally appears during quests. Olvan will sometimes mention him on the quest screen, "Where's Keith with my blasted coffee? Oh, Keeper!".


When you first begin the game, it is shown that Keith is quite sympathetic when he says he knows you must miss your home. It is also suggested that he has a crush on Lenori during a quest where you retrieve a scroll; After you tell him you have it, he said he hoped to impress Lenori by finding it first, and at the end of the quest Lenori says that Keith told her he found it first. There is also a quest where he asks you if Lenori would like the flowers he picked, and at the end, Lenori wonders about his animal bond because she saw Keith upset holding dead flowers. He also seems to like hugs, as in one quest, he asks to pay for a delivery in hugs.


When you first see Keith, you see him in green and gold armor. He has light skin and brown hair, as seen on a few quests concerning him.

In the Books[]

Tales of the Fallen Beasts[]

Keith fights alongside the Greencloaks and the Keeper and holds Raisha at swordpoint. Talon recognizes the two Greencloaks and wonders if Keith finally learned to fight.


  • There is a unique item in the game called Keith's Cloak.
  • Keith is based on Keith F., a developer of the game and an admin on the Spirit Animals forum
    • Keith F.'s spirit animal is a sloth, meaning that Keith's spirit animal could be a sloth as well.
  • "Keith" is a Scottish name meaning "wood".
  • Keith is in charge of bringing Olvan his coffee and possibly delivering his coffee beans to him.
  • He’s one of the first people in Erdas to see the Many.