Kho Kensit is a province in southern Zhong and a location in Blood Ties. This is were Dinesh and the Tergesh resides.

Blood Ties

Conor, Rollan, Abeke, Tarik and Lishay travel here to find Dinesh, but when traveling through the jungle, they are intercepted by The Tergesh and are captured. Also Rollan gets the Sunset Death. They find the cure and The Tergesh takes them to the Lake of the Elephant where Dinesh resides.

When they reach the temple and meets Dinesh they spot thousands of conquerors and bile-infected crocodiles. After they have defeated the crocodiles Rollan spots Zhongese soldiers and Rhino riders coming to fight the Conquerors: Meilin's father is among them. After a long battle they are victorious, but General Teng is killed which makes Meilin very depressed and enraged. Dinesh gives them the Slate Elephant in the end.

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