Kikimi is a deceased woman who had formerly been bonded with a Gila Monster, and whose heart is part of the Heart of the Land.


Kikimi was born in Amaya and had been bonded to a Gila Monster. She became a legend in Amaya for unknown reasons; Zerif tried to bank on her story by bonding Ana with a Gila Monster.

At some point, her heart and the heart of her Gila Monster's were unified to create the Heart of the Land. Her spirit protected the stone that could reveal the Heart, and when she arrived, she could only be heard by Rollan. She was upset that children had been sent to defeat Erdas's greatest threat, and made Rollan promise to not let it fall into the wrong hands.


Kikimi is described as having a broad face with high cheekbones, a short, stocky, broad-shouldered body, and hair in two braids that hung down almost to her waist.[1]


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