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Kirat is the nephew of Tarik and the summoner of Cabaro the Lion.


Kirat was born to Faisel and LaReimaja in Northern Nilo and was raised like royalty. He became demanding and spoiled because of this, and when he summoned Cabaro the Lion, their bond was very distant. Faisel tried to force Kirat and Cabaro's bond, however, that attempt did not work. As of the Burning Tide, their bond has improved.


Kirat is a tall boy with tan skin. He wears beige linen clothes and gold rings on his fingers.[2]

In the Books

The Return

In order to sneak into the fort of Zourtzi in Northern Nilo, Rollan, Abeke, and Tasha disguised themselves as servants. Abeke got assigned as one of Kirat's servants and discovered that he had summoned Cabaro The Lion. While Abeke was serving Kirat, Cabaro unexpectedly approached her, causing some of the other servants to panic. Once Cabaro recognizes Abeke, though, he retreats. Kirat's father, Faisel, assigns Abeke to be Kirat's permanent servant after the incident.

Later, Abeke visits Kirat in his room. Once again Cabaro is more obedient towards Abeke. Kirat asks her how she was able to control the lion; Abeke replies that their bond was a partnership, and Cabaro shouldn't be "controlled". Abeke then reveals herself as a Greencloak and the summoner of Uraza the Leopard. Kirat is angered since his father hates the Greencloaks, and he knew that they would steal Cabaro away. Abeke tries to explain that she was only trying to save his life, but he doesn't listen and yells for guards. Abeke then punches him in the stomach to silence him and throws a stool to break a window. She tries again to convince Kirat to join her, but he refuses again. Abeke then exits through the broken window with Uraza and tries to run away, only to be captured by Faisel.

Abeke, Rollan and Tasha later escape the dungeons with the help of Kirat's mother. This time, they succeed in getting Kirat to come with them, and with the help of the Redcloaks, they escape, but at the price of Uraza being captured by Zerif and turned into his slave.


  • The name Kirat is Tarik spelled backward.
    • Tarik is an Arabic name meaning "morning star"
    • Tarik is Kirat's uncle
  • He is one of the three Niloan-Zhongese characters.


  1. Faisel, his father, is Niloan-Zhongese.
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