The Komodo Dragon is a spirit animal you can summon in the Spirit Animals game. It originates from Stetriol, and is in the Reptile category.

Komodo Dragon-based Skills

Poison Chain - Damage a single target and poison them over time

Level 2- If target is defeated from initial damage, effect moves to nearby enemy

Level 3- Increase Initial damage

Level 4- Increase damage with each enemy affected

Dragon Ember - The komodo dragon releases a burst of flame that damages anyone in range, friend or foe.

Level 2- Increased flame duration

Level 3- Increased Radius

Level 4- Only Burns Enemies (Flame circle becomes light blue)



(At level 40):

  • Damage: 2,459
  • Movement Speed: 100
  • Attack Speed: 100


  • Elda, the imposter wildcat of Devin, uses the Komodo's Level 4 Dragon Ember ability in the game.
  • If you use the ability Dragon Ember from levels 1-3 and do not move out of the way, It can, and most likely will kill you. Stay clear of orange flame circles, you are only safe inside if the circle is light blue.
  • Try to use Dragon Ember away from others in Multiplayer unless it is level 4. Most people will move out of the way regardless, even though if it is blue you don't have to. But they may get trapped, and caught in the crossfire.
  • The Poison Chain ability is a homage to the fact Komodo Dragons have been found to have poison in their teeth/have harmful bacteria in their saliva. It isn't completely clear which of the two is the true one yet.
  • The Dragon Ember ability is a reference to the name Komodo Dragon. Dragons are famously pictured to breathe fire.
  • When playing with a Komodo dragon, they will sometimes swallow the ball. This may be a feature because of the fact Komodo Dragons will eat anything. 
  • The Komodo Dragon is the only spirit animal with its animal armor going down its back (not counting unique armor.)
  • They have been reported to do their Dragon Ember attack on their own at times.
  • The komodo dragon is the shortest of the spirit animal choices height-wise, but the longest.


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