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LaReimaja (nicknamed Reima) is Tarik's sister. She appears in The Return as the mother of Kirat, summoner of Cabaro the Lion.


Reima has broad shoulders, tan skin, and dark hair. She looks very similar to Tarik.

In The Books

Rise and Fall

Reima was the subject of a story Tarik told Rollan. She was described as mature and "whip-smart." She went to school - it was said she had a bright future ahead of her. When Tarik summoned Lumeo and wanted to join the Greencloaks, Reima took over the family business in Tarik's place, so he was free to become a Greencloak. Every night, Tarik thanks her silently for what she gave up for him.

Tarik started out his tale with "I had a sister once." Rollan questions Tarik's use of past tense, and the elder Greencloak stated that he was not yet ready to share Reima's fate with another. However, Tarik never tells Reima's fate because he was killed soon after.

The Return

Reima appears in The Return as LaReimaja. She is the mother of Kirat, the summoner of Cabaro. She sacrificed herself to the Many/Wyrm in Zourtzi so Abeke, Rollan, Tasha, and Kirat could escape with the Redcloaks.


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  2. Tarik and Reima grew up in the Niloan town of Caylif, which implies that they are Niloan
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